Why Import MediaFire to MEGA?

MediaFire and Mega are two of popular cloud storage drives worldwide. Sometimes, users might need to import data from MediaFire to Mega, which can be explained by one of the following features that Mega owns, but MediaFire lacks of.

MediaFire only offers 10 GB free storage space while Mega provides 20 GB  free storage space, which is quite generous for users who plan to save lots of data online.

MediaFire only offers 1 TB for pro and 2 TB for business, but Mega offers 2 TB, 8 TB and 16 TB for pros, more flexible and cost-effective.

Mega processes with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) key to encrypt sensitive data, adding extra protection to your important files.

In addition to basic file storage, Mega also offers end-to-end encrypted chat, which allows you to exchange messages, share files and start audio and video calls.

Of course, the above does not mean the MediaFire is not worth trying at all. MediaFire also has its own highlights, such as web remote upload (directly saving files from web to cloud), earning extra space by several methods (refer your friends,  instal mobile apps, connect your twitter account, post to your twitter.), etc. 

Easiest Way to Import Files from MediaFire to MEGA

No matter why you plan to transfer from MediaFire to Mega, the core point is how to complete that. Here, we would like to share you with the easiest way we have found by far.  That is making use of MultCloud, a free multi-cloud manager. This platform allows you to add 30+ mainstream cloud drives into one place and manage them more conveniently. It is originally designed for web-based applications but it now also provides mobile applications for Android and iOS devices (you can download the app and install on your mobile device). 

To import from MediaFire to Mega, you can try the "Cloud Transfer", directly migrating partial or all data from one cloud to another one, without downloading to the local device from one cloud and then re-uploading to the destination cloud drive. Only simple clicks can make it done.

Step 1.Add your Mega and MediaFire one by one through "Add Cloud".

Add Cloud Drives
Add Cloud Drives

Step 2. Then click on "Cloud Transfer", select MediaFire (specific folder) as the source while MEGA (specific folder) as the destination. 

Tips: you can click "Schedule" to set a specific time in daily, weekly or monthly to let the cloud transfer task start automatically.
Transfer And Schedule
Transfer And Schedule

Step 3. Finally, click on "Transfer Now" to start importing files from MediaFire to MEGA cloud drive.

In addition to the "Cloud Transfer", MultCloud also comes with some other advanced functions to make cloud management as easy as ABC.

"Cloud Sync": sync one cloud data to another cloud, along with 10 sync modes for your selection including real-time sync, incremental sync, mirror sync and so on.

"Cloud Backup": backup cloud data to another cloud drive for a second layer of protection and security.

"Remote Upload": transfer files from Links, Torrents, Magnets directly to your clouds.

"Team Transfer": designed for business cloud users to easily migrate all accounts from one business cloud to another.

Traditional Way to Import MediaFire to MEGA

Almost every user is quite familiar with this traditional way: first download files from MediaFire and then re-upload to MEGA. This manual method is recommended when you just need to migrate a few files from MediaFire to MEGA.

Step 1. Login your MediaFire on your preferred web brower. 

Step 2. Go to the target folder and select files you want to transfer from MediaFire to MEGA, then click on "Download". These files will be downloaded to your computer local storage (generally in "Downloads" folder by default).

Download From MediaFire
Download From MediaFire

Step 3. Then log in MEGA cloud drive. Enter a specific folder to contain the files from MediaFire and click on "Upload" -> "Upload Files". In the Windows File Explorer window, select the files you just downloaded from MediaFire, click on "Open" and then it will be uploaded to MEGA.

Upload to MEGA
Upload to MEGA
This method require a stable broadband connection and uninterrupted power supply, otherwise the download and upload speed will be slowed down or even interrupted.
If the to-be-imported data are very large, the whole process will be much more time-consuming.


So, to import MediaFire to MEGA, there are two methods available for your selection. If you just need to transfer a few files from MediaFire to MEGA, the traditional manual method is suitable. If you need to transfer all content from MediaFire to MEGA, the MultCloud is more recommended, which allos you to do that without much effort and even automate transfer on a schedule. This is also work for transfer MEGA to MediaFire.

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