Why isn't my iPhone syncing with my iCloud?

How to Sync Your iCloud to Your New Phone
How to Sync Your iCloud to Your New Phone

Since the first step of how to sync iCloud to new phone is making sure that your iCloud syncs all the data from your old phone, if you have trouble in this step, check the following reasons to fix it.

  • Internet Connection: Ensure that your iPhone has a stable internet connection. Without an active internet connection, iCloud syncing won't work.
  • iCloud Settings: Check your iCloud settings on your iPhone to make sure that the data you want to sync is enabled. To do this, go to "Settings" > [Your Name] > "iCloud" and verify if the relevant toggles for items like contacts, calendars, photos, etc., are turned on.
  • iCloud Storage: Make sure that you have sufficient iCloud storage space available. If your iCloud storage is full, syncing won't be possible. You may need to purchase additional storage or manage your existing storage by deleting unnecessary files.
  • Update iOS: Check if your iPhone is running the latest iOS version. Sometimes, outdated software can cause sync issues. To update, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update" and follow the instructions.

How to Sync iCloud to New Phone via MultCloud

You can use MultCloud to sync iCloud to a new phone by downloading since MultCloud is a cloud management service and supports various operations to clouds. What’s even better, you can use Cloud Transfer to move data from one iCloud account to another. See the steps below.

Sync iCloud to a New Phone by Download

The wonderful thing you using MultCloud Download to download files is that you don’t have to worry about the network connection. Since MultCloud uses bandwidth to transfer files and the task can still run even if you shut your computer down.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and create an account.

Step 2: Add iCloud Drive to MultCloud by clicking “Add Cloud” in the left bar and selecting the iCloud Drive icon among the cloud icons. Then go through the two-factor authentication to accept MultCloud to access your iCloud Drive.

Add iCloud Drive
Add iCloud Drive

Note: If you only want to download photos, you can choose to add iCloud Photos with the same operations.

Add iCloud Photos
Add iCloud Photos

Step 3: Open iCloud Drive on MultCloud. Choose what you want to download, and click “Download” in the upper bar. Then you can move these files from your computer to the new phone easily.

Download from iCloud Drive
Download from iCloud Drive

Bonus tip: Transfer iCloud Data to New iCloud Account by Cloud Transfer

To transfer files from one iCloud account to another, using MultCloud Cloud Transfer will be the simplest way. This time, you don’t need to download and upload the files because the transfer process will be highly automatic.

Step 1: Add the 2 iCloud Drive accounts to MultCloud after you sign in to the MultCloud account.

Step 2: Click “Cloud Transfer” in the left sidebar and choose which account you want to move files from/to. Then tap on the “Transfer Now” button to initiate the task.

Transfer iCloud Data to Another iCloud Account
Transfer iCloud Data to Another iCloud Account


  • If you only want to move part of the files to another account, you can use the Filter feature to pick those desired files out and order the task only to transfer these files.
  • Each account can get 5 GB of free traffic per month. If you think it cannot meet your need, you can upgrade your plan to a premium one and get more traffic.
Cloud Transfer Filter
Cloud Transfer Filter

How to Sync iCloud to New Phone via Apple Solution

This section will introduce the easiest method to make iCloud data sync to a new phone. Besides, you can learn how to prevent syncing iCloud photos on a new phone if you want to do so.

Sync New Phone with iCloud

Before the steps, you have to make sure that you have backed up your old phone to iCloud. Also, you should ensure that your new phone is connected to a stable network and is plugged into a power source so that the sync process will not be interrupted.

Step 1: Power on your new phone and go through the initial setup process until you reach the "Apps & Data" screen.

Note: If you have launched your new phone, you may need to erase it by clicking: Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device] > Erase All Content and Settings.

Erase Your iPhone
Erase Your iPhone

Step 2: Select "Restore from iCloud Backup" on the “Apps & Data” page. Then sign in to your iCloud account and it should be the same as the one on your old phone.

Choose Restore from iCloud Backup
Choose Restore from iCloud Backup

Step 3: Choose the most recent backup that you made from your old phone when you see a list of available iCloud backups. Then your new phone will start the sync process and you have to wait for a period until it is completed.

How to Sync New Phone with iCloud
How to Sync New Phone with iCloud

Not Sync iCloud Photos on New Phone

There are 3 ways that you can refer to prevent syncing photos from iCloud on a new phone:

Way 1: Sign in with a Different Apple ID

During the initial setup of your new phone, choose to sign in with a different Apple ID that is not associated with the iCloud account where your photos are stored. This way, your iCloud Photos won't be synced to the new device.

Way 2: Skip iCloud Setup

If you want to use the same Apple ID for other services but don't want to sync photos, you can choose to skip the iCloud setup during the phone's initial setup process. When you reach the step where it asks about iCloud settings, just skip it.

Way 3: Disable iCloud Photos

If you've already set up the device and want to turn off iCloud Photos, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the "Settings" app on your new phone and tap on your name (Apple ID) at the top of the settings menu.

Step 2: Scroll down the page and select "iCloud." In the iCloud settings, find "Photos" and tap on it.

Step 3: Toggle off the switch next to "Sync this iPhone" to disable the syncing of photos to iCloud.

Not Sync iCloud Photos on New Phone
Not Sync iCloud Photos on New Phone


Reading here, you must know the exact solutions on how to sync iCloud to new phone. You can use the Apple solution or MultCloud Download to achieve it easily. Besides, if you need to transfer data between 2 iCloud Drive accounts, try MultCloud Cloud Transfer and open a brand-new file transfer journey.

Of course, MultCloud is not only capable of file transferring, file syncing and backing up are also its fortes. If you want to integrate 2 iCloud accounts, you can use Cloud Sync to update files between accounts in real time.


How do I sync my iCloud across devices?

To sync your iCloud across devices, sign in with the same Apple ID on all devices, enable iCloud sync in Settings (iOS) or System Preferences (Mac), and select the desired data (e.g., contacts, photos) to sync automatically.

How long does it take to sync iCloud?

The time it takes to sync iCloud varies based on the amount of data and the internet connection speed. Smaller amounts of data may sync quickly, while larger amounts could take several minutes to hours.

How do I know if iCloud is still syncing?

To check if iCloud is still syncing, go to Settings (iOS) or System Preferences (Mac) and click on your Apple ID/iCloud. Look for the syncing status or progress bar. If data is still syncing, the progress bar will show activity.

Will I lose all my photos if I sync with iCloud?

No, syncing with iCloud will not delete your photos. It will back up and store your photos in iCloud, making them accessible on other devices. However, always ensure you have a backup before major changes.

Does iCloud sync to all devices?

Yes, iCloud syncs data across all devices associated with the same Apple ID. This includes photos, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders, documents, and other compatible data, ensuring seamless access and updates across devices.

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