Is pCloud Better than iCloud?

Sync pCloud to iCloud
Sync pCloud to iCloud

pCloud and iCloud are different in user needs and ecosystems, although they are both cloud storage services.

Choosing between the two depends on your ecosystem and priorities. iCloud is the natural choice if you're deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, valuing seamless device synchronization. It's also great for privacy-conscious users. pCloud, with its cross-platform compatibility, larger free storage, and flexible pricing, is a better fit for those who use a mix of devices and need more versatile storage options. Additionally, pCloud's collaboration features are beneficial for sharing and working on files with others.

How to Sync pCloud to iCloud via MultCloud

pCloud iCloud Integration
pCloud iCloud Integration

As the last section mentioned, pCloud and iCloud have their own advantages. If you are a mixed-device user, syncing pCloud with iCloud can help you manage the files on the 2 clouds in a centralized way. At this point, MultCloud deserves to be tried.

MultCloud is a free service that aims to manage multiple cloud drives with one app. It specializes in transferring files from one cloud to another. To meet different users’ transfer needs, MultCloud gives functions such as Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Cloud Backup. Each function corresponds to a different usage. You can see from the function name that Cloud Sync is the most suitable choice to sync pCloud to iCloud Drive.

Cloud Sync has various options and features that can make a sync task smarter:

  • Sync Modes: Cloud Sync offers some sync modes like Real Time Sync, Two-way Sync, Incremental Sync, Update Sync, and Full Backup Sync.
  • Filter: As long as you add the file extensions in the box, you can order the sync task to only sync these files or not sync them. For example, if you don’t want to sync the videos from pCloud to iCloud, you can enter “mp4” in the box and check “Ignore files with these extensions”.
  • Schedule: Make the sync task run at your preferred time or preferred frequency. You can set the task to integrate pCloud with iCloud once a day/week/month.

The steps are easy to follow and you can check them below.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and sign up for a new account if you do not have one.

Step 2: Add pCloud and iCloud. To add a cloud drive you should first click “Add Cloud” and the cloud icon. Then log in to your cloud account and let MultCloud access to your files.

Add iCloud Drive and pCloud
Add iCloud Drive and pCloud

Note: There is an additional operation after you log in to your account when you add iCloud Drive. You have to go through the two-factor authentication to sign in successfully.

Go through Two-factor Authentication
Go through Two-factor Authentication

Step 3: Select “Cloud Sync” in the left sidebar. Then click the FROM box to choose pCloud and click the TO box to choose iCloud Drive. Before the final operation click on “Sync Now” to sync pCloud to iCloud, you can set the sync modes, Filter, and Schedule to make the task more customizable.

Sync pCloud to iCloud Drive
Sync pCloud to iCloud Drive

Note: MultCloud uses bandwidth to transfer files and it offers 5 GB of free traffic per month. If that is not enough for you to sync pCloud with iCloud, you can upgrade to a higher one to get more traffic and use all the paid features.

Bonus Tip: Automatically Backup Files from iCloud to pCloud by Cloud Backup

Except for using MultCloud to sync pCloud to iCloud, you can also use it to backup files from iCloud Drive to pCloud. It can be helpful if you want to use Windows or Android devices to manage the files on iCloud Drive. Also, having a backup on pCloud is also a protection for the iCloud Drive files. If you accidentally delete or modify the files on iCloud Drive, you can restore them back from pCloud even in different versions.

Step 1: Add iCloud Drive and pCloud to MultCloud after you sign in.

Step 2: Select “Cloud Backup” in the left bar, choose iCloud Drive and pCloud in the boxes, and click “Backup Now” to transfer files from iCloud to pCloud. Of course, you can also use the Filter and the Schedule to select desired files and set backup frequency.

Backup iCloud Drive to pCloud
Backup iCloud Drive to pCloud

To restore the backed-up files from pCloud to iCloud:

Step 1: Click “Task List” and find this task. Then tap on the button next to “Backup Now” and choose “Restore” in the menu. In the restore window, you can choose the file version, decide how to deal with the original file on iCloud Drive, and select to restore which file.

Choose Restore
Choose Restore

Step 2: Click the “Next” button and choose to restore files to the original location or to a new location. Finally, tap “Restore” to start restoring.

Choose the Restore Destination
Choose the Restore Destination


The ability to sync pCloud to iCloud opens up a world of convenience and accessibility for managing your digital files. Seamlessly integrating these two powerful cloud storage platforms allows for effortless data management and ensures that your important files are always within reach, wherever you go. Also, you can use other MultCloud functions, like Cloud Transfer, to transfer files from iCloud to pCloud.

Does pCloud work with Apple?
Yes, pCloud is compatible with Apple devices and platforms, including macOS, iOS, and iCloud integration. You can use pCloud's app on Apple devices to store, sync, and access your files seamlessly across different Apple products.
Why is pCloud not syncing?
pCloud may not be syncing due to various reasons, such as network issues, insufficient storage space, or conflicts with other applications. Ensure a stable internet connection, enough storage, and check for any app or firewall settings that could be hindering synchronization.
What is the difference between pCloud backup and sync?
pCloud Backup is designed to create a secure copy of specific files or folders, preserving them in a separate location for data recovery. pCloud Sync, on the other hand, keeps files and folders identical across devices in real-time, ensuring the latest version is accessible everywhere.
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