User Case: Does SharePoint Integrate with Box?

“Does SharePoint integrate with Box? I use both of them, and now I want them to have more collaboration.”

Box integrates with SharePoint
Box Integrates with SharePoint

SharePoint Online is a combination of cloud-based and web-based services and it serves all sizes of businesses. It can be used to store, share, access, and organize information. Attached to Microsoft 365, SharePoint can be opened on the Microsoft 365 website if you subscribe to its paid plan. Also, SharePoint can serve as a business intranet, so it will be more convenient for the company to post announcements or files.

Box for Business is one of the products of Box. Apart from the basic functions of a cloud such as storing and sharing, it has its own note-taking function which allows people to take notes together on it. Furthermore, you can sync the files on Box to the desktop directly by clicking the button on Box. For the collaboration, Box goes with various applications like Zoom, Microsoft Team, and Notability.

Because of the differences between SharePoint and Box, the users may want to integrate them to get more functions instead of turning back and forth to their websites again and over again.

Why Make SharePoint Box Integration?

You can at least benefit from the Microsoft SharePoint and Box integration in the following 3 perspectives:

Storage: Both Microsoft SharePoint and Box for Business require the payment to enjoy their service. For the basic business service, SharePoint costs 5$ for 1 TB storage, and Box costs 15$ for unlimited. Therefore, you can expand your SharePoint storage by syncing the files on SharePoint with Box.

Box Relay: It can help build automatically collaborative workflows, and the workflows are seamlessly connected with the Content Cloud. The team members can work faster with the help of the templates like pre-built departmental workflow templates. Also, you can simplify the workflows with the workflow triggers and outcomes.

Collaboration: Microsoft SharePoint and Box for Business collaborate with different applications. If you sync Office 365 SharePoint and Box, files on Box can be connected with applications such as Word, OneDrive, and Outlook. Also, since Box has profound collaboration with apps like Google Workspace, Slack, and Salesforce, files on SharePoint can easily attach to those apps after being synchronized.

Since the integration of SharePoint and Box would benefit a lot, how to integrate SharePoint to Box? The next part will give an illustration.

Achieve SharePoint Box Integration by MultCloud Cloud Sync

MultCloud serves as a multiple clouds managing helper, and Cloud Sync is one of its functions. By using MultCloud, you don’t need to wait for a long time for uploading or downloading files. There are only 4 easy steps to make Box integrate with SharePoint on MultCloud, and this process is at a high speed.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud’s website and click “sign up free” to create a new account.

Step 2: Log in to your SharePoint Online and Box for Business accounts and then add them to My Cloud Drives.

Add SharePoint Online and Box
Add SharePoint Online and Box

Step 3: Click Cloud Sync and select SharePoint Online and Box for Business to the bar that you’d like to transfer from/to.

Achieve SharePoint Box Integration
Achieve SharePoint Box Integration

Step 4: Choose the modes in the Options that you want to apply. There are 10 modes for Cloud Sync to meet your needs. Besides, you can let MultCloud e-mail you after the process is finished, and use the filter to ignore the files with some extensions. After the selection of options, just click “Sync Now” and the integration will be done.

Choose Sync Modes
Choose Sync Modes


Among the 10 modes, here this post will especially introduce 3 modes:

Real-Time Sync: The synchronization process will run constantly unless you stop it, or the files have no changes for 1 week which may lead to an automatic pause.

Two-Way Sync: When the files in A cloud are transferred to B cloud, the files that are only in B cloud are transferred to A cloud.

Incremental Sync: When you sync files, there will be a new folder in the target cloud, and the added and modified files in the source cloud will be transferred to the new folder.

Realize SharePoint Box Integration by Upload and Download

Here this post will show you a common way to integrate SharePoint and Box, but this way depends much on the stable network, adequate local storage and sufficient power of your computer. Therefore, you need to check for times to make sure that everything is going well which is very time-consuming.

Step 1: Open SharePoint and log in to your account.

Step 2: Choose the files that you are willing to transfer to Box, and then click the “Download” button to download the files to the local position.

Download Files from SharePoint
Download Files from SharePoint

Step 3: Open Box and log in to your Box account.

Step 4: Click “File Upload” and choose the files that you downloaded from SharePoint before. Then, SharePoint integrates with Box after the files finish uploading.

Upload Files to Box
Upload Files to Box


If you want to make SharePoint Box integration, you can use these 2 ways. But, as you can see, the first one is better because it has lower requirement for the network, the power of computer, and the storage of the local disk.

The same steps can be applied to sync SharePoint with other clouds like sync SharePoint folder with OneDrive, and MultCloud supports more than 30 kinds of cloud drives to add in. Besides, if you want to transfer or back up files from one cloud to another one, you can also use MultCloud, and the steps will be as easy as the synchronization steps.

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