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Case 1: In the past, I could easily copy emails with attachments from Outlook to Dropbox for business backup. Now, I can only do this manually, which is time-consuming, messy, and causes loss of message text. Does anyone know if this can still be done with the new Dropbox changes?

Case 2: I'm attempting to set up an automatic system to send Gmail attachments to my Dropbox account. I've already verified the email address, created a designated folder for email attachments in my Dropbox, and forwarded an email to the Dropbox email address. However, I can't seem to locate the email or its attachment anywhere. I would greatly appreciate some assistance with this issue.

Why Save Email Attachments to Dropbox?

Outlook Email Attachments to Dropbox
Outlook Email Attachments to Dropbox

Saving email attachments to Dropbox can offer several benefits, making it a practical choice for individuals and businesses. Here are some reasons why you might want to save email attachments from Outlook to Dropbox:

  • File Backup: Dropbox provides a secure cloud-based storage solution. By transferring email attachments, you create a backup of important files to Dropbox, reducing the risk of losing them in case of hardware failure or accidental deletion.
  • File Organization: Dropbox offers a folder structure that allows you to organize your files and attachments efficiently. You can create folders for specific projects, clients, or categories, making it easier to find and manage your files.
  • Version Control: Dropbox keeps track of file versions, allowing you to access previous versions of a document if needed. This can be crucial in situations where you need to revert to an older version of a file.
  • Storage Space: Email accounts often have limited storage capacity. By offloading attachments to Dropbox, you can free up space in your email inbox, preventing it from becoming cluttered and ensuring you receive new emails.

Save Email Attachments to Dropbox via MultCloud

The first method to save attachments to Dropbox is using MultCloud Email Migration. MultCloud is used to manage your multiple cloud drives and email clients in one place. There is a specific email-to-cloud function called “Email Migration” for directly saving emails and attachments to a cloud drive as PDF files.

Since you want to automatically save email attachments to Dropbox, you can apply the Filter and Schedule to the migration task.

  • Schedule: Set a start time for the task. When the time arrives, the migration will run automatically and transfer the emails and attachments to Dropbox.
  • Filter: Choose which emails to transfer. You can choose by the email senders, recipients, dates, with attachment or not, and read or not.

Save Email Attachments from Outlook to Dropbox by Email Migration

You can see the steps below. Here we use saving Outlook emails as an example. You can also save Gmail emails to Dropbox in this way.

Step 1: Sign up for a MultCloud account.

Step 2: Add Outlook and Dropbox to MultCloud. First, click “Add Email” or “Add Cloud”. Then select the icons and log in to accounts.

Add Outlook
Add Outlook

Step 3: Select “Email Migration” and create an Outlook-to-Dropbox task according to your needs. You can open Options, Email Filter, and Schedule to make the task more automatic. After setting, click “Migrate Now” to start moving emails.

How to Save Outlook Emails to Dropbox
How to Save Outlook Emails to Dropbox


  • Email Migration saves emails to a cloud with attachments by default. So, you don’t have to worry about the attachments if you do not open the Options and check the settings.
  • If you have more than 50 emails and attachments to be saved to Dropbox, it is a good choice to get a premium plan. So that you can transfer emails as PDFs without limitation.

Save Email Attachments to Dropbox via Dropbox for Outlook

Dropbox for Outlook is an add-in. After you add it to your Outlook account, you can easily save the email attachments to Dropbox without leaving the Outlook website.

Step 1: Find “Dropbox for Outlook” in Microsoft AppSource and click “Get it now”.

Get Dropbox for Outlook
Get Dropbox for Outlook

Step 2: Sign in to your Outlook account and then you will be sent to the Outlook web.

Step 3: Click the “Add” button and you can start using “Dropbox for Outlook”.

Add Dropbox to Outlook
Add Dropbox to Outlook

Step 4: Open the email with your desired attachments and click the 3-dot icon in the right corner.

Choose Dropbox
Choose Dropbox

Step 5: Choose “Dropbox” in the dropdown menu. Then select the Dropbox folder to save the attachments. At last, click “Save” and you can check if the files uploaded to Dropbox successfully.

Save Outlook Attachments to Dropbox
Save Outlook Attachments to Dropbox

Save Email Attachments to Dropbox via Power Automate

Power Automate is a Microsoft cloud-based service that enables users to automate workflows and streamline business processes by connecting various apps and services. You can create your workflow to save email attachments from Outlook to Dropbox.

Step 1: Enter Power Automate and click “Create” in the left bar. Then click the “Automated cloud flow” module.

Step 2: Give a name for this flow and choose Office 365 Outlook “When a new email arrives (V3)” as your trigger.

Choose When a New Email Arrive (V3)
Choose When a New Email Arrive (V3)

Step 3: Choose the Outlook folder where you want to move emails from and check other settings. Then click “+ Next step”.

Step 4: Click the “Control” button and choose “Apply to each”. Then click the blank and select “Attachments” in the “Dynamic content”.

Step 5: Click “Add an action” and choose Dropbox “Create file”. Then fill in the blanks in terms of your preferences. Finally, click “Save” and now you can use this flow to save Outlook attachments to Dropbox.


There are three effective methods to streamline your digital workflow and make saving attachments to Dropbox a breeze. Whether you choose to use MultCloud Email Migration, Dropbox for Outlook, or Power Automate, these techniques will undoubtedly save email attachments to Dropbox in a simple way and enhance your productivity. But to save emails as PDFs with the schedule and selective transfer feature, MultCloud will be your first choice.

Do files automatically save to Dropbox?
If you want to automatically save files from a cloud like Google Drive to Dropbox, you can use Cloud Sync. After you create a Real Time Sync task between 2 cloud drives, files can automatically update to Dropbox. This task can immediately transfer any modified or added files to Dropbox without manually operating.
How do I send files to Dropbox?
If you send files from a cloud drive to Dropbox, try MultCloud Cloud Transfer. This function also includes the Filter and Schedule features. Bue the Transfer Filter select files with the file extensions. Besides, if you send files to Dropbox to free up cloud storage, the task can help you automatically delete the transferred files in the source cloud after the process is done.
Can you send files to Dropbox without an account?
Yes, we can use MultCloud Share to share a folder with others and then permit them to upload files to this folder without an account.
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