Transfer files between PC and cloud drives are very common daily task for us cloud drive users. Usually, we rely on cloud service self-provided program to help us with this, like Backup & Sync for Google Drive users, Microsoft OneDrive app for OneDrive users and Dropbox software for Dropbox users.

We can also depend on a third party program to achieve PC and cloud transfer sometimes when the official application is not working for some unexpected reason.

PC Cloud Transfer with MultCloud

As a multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud can assist us transfer files (docs/sheets, photos/pictures/images, music/videos, etc.) from local to online cloud or vice versa. Moreover, MutCloud supports about 30 different kinds cloud drives and multiple accounts of the same cloud brand, thus, it enables us to move files between local and different cloud services on the same platform.

1. Join MultCloud

To make use of MultCloud to do PC cloud transfer, first of all, we have to sign up to become its member from above given official page. This is complete free of charge.

2. Add cloud drives to MultCloud

When successfully create MultCloud account, sign in to it. Then, in its main interface, go to “Add Clouds” tab and select the cloud drive we want to add.

Add MEGA Drive

Tips: MultCloud allows us to only add one cloud account in one time. To add more, just do it again.

3. PC to cloud transfer

In Cloud Explorer tab, we can view all the cloud drives we have added. Just choose target cloud, click “Upload” button on upper left and select file from local to upload to this cloud.

PC to Cloud Transfer

Finally, click “Upload” to carry out this task.

4. Cloud to PC transfer

Select target cloud drive in Cloud Explorer tab, right-click on target file and choose “Download”.

Cloud to PC Transfer

Cloud to Cloud Transfer by MultCloud

Besides PC cloud transfer, MultCloud also enables us to directly transfer files from one cloud to another; this is one important reason that many cloud users choose to use it.

Just move to Cloud Transfer tab, specify source and destination cloud directory. Finally, click “Transfer Now”.

Transfer OneDrive to MEGA
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