What Is OneDrive Migration?

Migration of OneDrive means to migrate contents in OneDrive cloud to other cloud services. For example, OneDrive to Box migration. Or, sometimes, it refers to transfer files from another cloud storage to Microsoft OneDrive like Dropbox to OneDrive, Box to OneDrive or Evernote to OneDrive.

Why Need Movement Between OneDrive and Other Clouds?

The main reasons for switching between OneDrive and another cloud are as below:

  • Users get 1 TB OneDrive storage after purchasing office 365. So, they plan to switch to OneDrive.
  • The other cloud is almost full while OneDrive is nearly empty.
  • People want to save a certain kind of files all in OneDrive for better management.
  • How to Migrate with OneDrive?

    No matter migrating to or from OneDrive, how to carry it out? As we all know, OneDrive official application does not have such functions of moving data between OneDrive and other clouds. Therefore, we have to rely on third party OneDrive migrator to do such task. Among all the OneDrive migration tools in the market, the FREE professional and reliable MultCloud is the one which deserves recommendation. The following describes how to use it to move files between OneDrive and another cloud drive step by step.

    #1. Create an Account of MultCloud for Free

    As an online cloud migration software, MultCloud only requires you to sign up for its services instead of downloading and installing it on your local machine to occupy hard disk space.

    #2. Add OneDrive and Other Related Cloud Accounts to MultCloud

    Then, you should connect all involved cloud drives to MultCloud platform. Sign into MultCloud account, go to “Add Clouds” tab on the top and select “OneDrive” or “OneDrive for Business”. Next, follow the guide to finish this process.

    Add OneDrive
    Add OneDrive Cloud

    Tips: Only one cloud account can be accepted in one time. To add more ones, just repeat this step.

    #3. OneDrive Migration Best Practices

    Next, choose “Cloud Transfer” tab, specify source and destination cloud, finally, click “Transfer Now”.

    Transfer OneDrive to Google Drive
    OneDrive to Google Drive Migration

    Transfer Google Dirve to OneDrive
    G Drive to OneDrive Migration

    Transfer One OneDrive to Another
    Migrate from One OneDrive to Another


    • If you want to automate migration to OneDrive, you can set a schedule to automatically carry out the migrating sometime in the future for once, daily, weekly or monthly.
    • There is “Options” for you to set up some advanced settings including email notification and certain kinds of files filter.
    • If you need to improve the speed for large size files/folders transmission or bulk OneDrive migration, you can upgrade to MultCloud Premium plan to enjoy VIP server multi-thread transfer.

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