Multi Thread File Transfer form Cloud to Cloud

Multi-threaded file transfer can be used in many ways while this article will talk about the transmission from one cloud drive to another.

Though cloud brand official applications can’t achieve files transfer between cloud storages, there are many third party programs which can do such task. Next, it will introduce one of the cloud file transfer software called MultCloud which using multi threaded technology to carry out data transfer among clouds. The following is the step-by-step process.

#1. Freely Register MultCloud

MultCloud is an online service. Thus, first of all, you should create an account of it to make use of its services. It’s completely free of charge.

#2. Add Cloud Drives to MultCloud

After successfully signed up to MultCloud, sign in to it. In the main user interface of MultCloud, click “Add Clouds” tab on the top and select the cloud drive you want to add. Then, follow the easy guidance.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Tips: You can only add one cloud account to MultCloud in one time. To add extra ones, just repeat this step.

#3. Multi Thread File Transfer by MultCloud

When you have included all the cloud drives you wanted, move to “Cloud Transfer” tab and specify source and destination cloud. Finally, click “Transfer Now”.


  • There is no need to manually set up using multi-threading utility for it is used by default. Just as what described in MultCloud official page, it’s multi-server parallel transmission “gives attribute to the success rate of cloud file transfer increased by 200%” and “the transfer speed can be fast as twice as traditional serial transmission”.
  • If you want the transferring to be much faster, you can join MultCloud’s premium plan which equips with 10 threads instead of the 2 threads of free plan.


Multithreading is frequently used in java, python, etc. computer-programming language. It transfers/copies data using multiple threads/clients/servers with sockets to solve slow migration problem.

With multi threading technology, MultCloud is efficient in all data transfer including documents, photos/pictures, videos, graphics and so on.

Besides, since MultCloud is a web-based app, it can be applied in all OSes: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, etc.

All in all, for cloud to cloud multithread file transfer, MultCloud is a good choice.

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