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"Can I transfer photos from Flickr to Google Photos?"

“Flickr is now charging to store photos. Any easy way to migrate Flickr to Google Photos? I have over 7000 photos and videos on Flickr but now Flickr only allows to store 1000 photos, so I want to move them to Google Photos. Can I easily transfer them?”

Why Move Photos from Flickr to Google Photos?

Users can only store 1000 photos or videos for free nowadays. In this situation, like the user in the case above, you might also choose Google Photos to save pictures and videos because Google Photos provides excellent service and faster speed of uploading, etc.

Flickr to Google Photos
Flickr to Google Photos

The service automatically analyzes photos and recognizes various visual features and themes. Users can search for anything in photos, and the service returns results in three main categories: people, places, and things. After you store all the photos in Google Photos, the photos will be combined into a specific album according to the principle of machine learning, which is more conducive for you to manage all the pictures.

Then there comes a question: how to transfer Flickr Photos to Google Photos? The most common way to migrate Flickr photos to Google Photos is Download & Upload. But the main function of Flickr is for uploading photos rather than downloading them back to your computer. This means you need to manually select and download all photos, which requires a few extra steps. This is really time-consuming and laborious. So, is there a way to transfer Flickr to Google Photos faster?

2 Faster Ways to Move Photos from Flickr to Google Photos

Unluckily, you cannot transfer photos from Flickr to Google Photos directly. The “Share” function does not resolve the above problem essentially. However, for large data, downloading and uploading is wasting time. So, some people recommend you try a third-party application to achieve this. Here, Multcloud is recommended to help resolve it. You can use it without installing it because it is a FREE web-based app.

Multcloud is a multiple cloud storage manager that allows users easily and freely sync, transfer, or backup data across different clouds, such as Google Drive, AmazonS3, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, FTP, Amazon, etc. It has the following advantages:

  • It is in the top three positions with extensive experience in cross-cloud transfer.
  • It covers 32 leading clouds in the market, which can help you manage multiple cloud accounts in one place.
  • It respects user privacy and won’t save any account and password on its servers.
  • It provides lightning transfer speed, which can help transfer large data in one go.

The following part is the guide to show you how to quickly move Flickr photos to Google Photos.

Firstly, add Flicker and Google Photo to MultCloud

You need to sign up for a free account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Click on the “Add Cloud” button and select Flickr to add.

Add Flickr
Add Flickr

Note: If you use your Email to register on Flickr, it will skip to a page that asks you for authorization. Here, please just click “OK, I’LL AUTHORIZE IT”.

Authorize Flickr
Authorize Flickr

Repeat the previous two steps to add Google Photos, and it will also need your permission to have offline access.

Add Google Photos
Add Google Photos

Now, transfer Flicker Photos to Google Photos via 2 ways

After adding Flickr and Google Photos to your account, you can see both clouds in the interface of Multcloud. To migrate photos between Flickr and Google Photos faster, you can use different methods in different situations with the help of MultCloud.

Way 1. Transfer Flickr Photos to Google Photos with "Copy to" Feature

If you just want to migrate a small number of photos to Google Photos, you can achieve your goal in this way.

First, open up Flickr, and select the photos you want to move. Then right-click on these photos, find the “Copy to” option, and select the “Album” folder under Google Photos as the destination,  click the "OK" icon and the process will start.

Copy Photos from Flickr to Google Photos
Copy Photos from Flickr to Google Photos

Note: The whole storage of Google Photos cannot be selected as the destination, you could choose a specific directory under it as the target destination.

Way 2. Migrate Photos from Flickr to Google Photos with the "Cloud Sync" Feature

If you want to move folders or the whole storage of Flickr to Google Photos, you can use the "Cloud Sync" feature to sync photos from Flickr to Google Photos.

Click on the "Cloud Sync" icon and select Flickr as the source directory and the “Album” folder under Google Photos as the destination directory. Then click on "Sync Now" and it will start to sync photos between Flickr and Google Photos.

Move Photos from Flickr to Google Photos
Move Photos from Flickr to Google Photos

Note: You also need to select a specific folder under Google Photos rather than the whole storage as the destination.

Final Words

Using MultCloud to move photos from Flickr to Google Photos is fast and simple. Except for copying and synchronizing with the two functions mentioned above, as a remarkable cloud storage migration tool, it can also easily migrate photos between cloud drives with the “Cloud Transfer” function.

With the help of “Cloud Transfer”, you can easily and quickly transfer photos from one Google account to another, move Dropbox photos to Google Photos or transfer MEGA to Google Drive. In addition to file moving, MultCloud can assist you to download files by parsing torrent files or magnet links with the “Remote Upload” feature.

In addition, MultCloud supports transferring after the power is off, and you can also use it to perform a scheduled cloud transfer, which can help you automatically transfer, backup, or sync data between cloud storage at a regular interval or for a special timing.

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