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User Case: Photos in iCloud vs Photos in Backup of iCloud


Hello everyone! So, what exactly is the difference between storing photos in iCloud and storing photos as a backup in iCloud? Why would I store photos in iCloud if it is gonna be automatically backed up every day? I am asking this because I am running out of iCloud space and I am thinking about deleting iCloud photos since it is there in the back up file.

- Question from Reddit

Overview of iCloud Backup and iCloud Photos

iCloud Backup
iCloud Backup

Apple provides a service named iCloud backup that enables users to keep a duplicate of their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch data in the cloud. This data comprises various elements, such as apps, device settings, photos, videos, messages, and other crucial information.

As long as your device is connected to Wi-Fi and plugged into a power source, iCloud backup is programmed to perform periodic automatic backups. Anyway, iCloud backup offers a simple and reliable way to keep this data up-to-date and secure, ensuring that users can easily retrieve it in case of device loss, damage, or replacement.

iCloud Photos
iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos is a service that facilitates storing and syncing your photos and videos across all your Apple devices. This service automatically uploads your photos and videos to iCloud, making them accessible across multiple devices when you log in to your iCloud account.

In addition, you can use this service to share your photos and videos with friends and family members whenever you want to, create shared albums, and manage your photo library using a variety of editing tools. In a word, iCloud Photos provides a seamless way to organize and share your photos and videos.

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iCloud Backup vs iCloud Photos

iCloud Backup and iCloud Photos are two main services for Apple users. After reading the overview part, you will know that iCloud Backup backs up almost everything on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, including photos and videos. Whereas iCloud Photos is limited to backup photos and videos rather than apps, messages, etc. So, iCloud Backup can backup more data than iCloud Photos. 

Additionally, iCloud Photos vs Backup on purposes. Normally, users utilize the iCloud Backup feature to back up the whole data. And it is extremely useful when users need to switch to a new iPhone or iPad, since it can help users backup all the data they need from one iPhone to the new one seamlessly.

For example, when your iPhone is stolen, you need to get a new one. If you have backed up your iCloud Backup on iPhone, you can then restore data from the former iPhone to the newer one easily and quickly.

When it comes to iCloud Photos, users all know it is a photo saving and sharing service that gives users 5GB of free storage space. It can only store photos and videos. When your iPhone is missing, you can find your pictures back when signing in to the right iCloud account on the web.

Tip: In case you don’t know iCloud Photos vs Photo Library Backup. When you enable the Photo Library Backup, local photos and videos can be backed up to iCloud Photos. 

In summary, when making iCloud Backup vs iCloud Photos, you should know that iCloud backup is a comprehensive backup service for users’ device, which includes your photos. Whereas iCloud Photos is a photo and video storage and syncing service.

Bonus Tip: How to Backup Apple Photos to Google Photos

iCloud Photos is smart and useful. However, sometimes the iCloud backup says incomplete issue happens, which makes it hard to backup and sync local photos and videos. If you are faced to the same problem, you can turn to a new cloud drive, such as Google Photos, which offers you 15GB of free storage space. As you can see, it is much larger than iCloud Photos’ 5GB of free space.

The way to use Google Photos on iPhone is easy. You can simply download and install it on your device, then sign in to your Google account. Next, hit the profile icon to select photo settings. Later, you can enable Back up & sync feature. In this way, photos can be backed up to Google Photos automatically.

If you still want to save your photos to iCloud Photos, you can migrate photos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos directly via a professional cloud-to-cloud transfer service – MultCloud. It is a web-based cloud file manager that enables user to migrate photos between cloud drives directly without downloading and uploading.


At the same time, you can enjoy the quickest transferring speed. That’s to say, even though you have a lot of photos, they can be moved from Google Photos to iCloud Photos as quickly as possible. Moreover, it offers offline transfer, which means it relies on data traffic when transferring data across clouds. So, no need to worry about network disruption since MultCloud can run tasks in the background.

Then, read the following content to learn how to transfer Google Photos to iCloud Photos via MultCloud:

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the web.

Step 2: Navigate to Add Cloud, then hit the icon of iCloud Photos and Google Photos to add.

Add iCloud Photos and Google Photos
Add iCloud Photos and Google Photos

Step 3: Press the Cloud Transfer button, then select Google Photos as the source and iCloud Photos as the target. Finally, hit the Transfer Now button.

Transfer Google Photos to iCloud Photos
Transfer Google Photos to iCloud Photos

In the End

After reading this article, you will know iCloud Backup vs iCloud Photos. Meanwhile, we offer you a simple service to move photos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos effortlessly.

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