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How can I generate a PDF from a webpage that's "protected," as the usual "Print" option only produces blank pages? I need assistance finding a workaround for creating PDFs from such pages that may have restrictions like "No Right Click Allowed." The webpage opens as a Pop Up, preventing me from using extensions that bypass the Right Click ban. Even if I could use such extensions, attempting to print (Ctrl + P) still results in a blank PDF. Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Why Print Option is Disabled?

How to Save a Webpage as PDF with Printing Disabled
How to Save a Webpage as PDF with Printing Disabled

Using Print to download a webpage as a PDF is a conventional and popular way. However, you may encounter the issue that the Print option is disabled and you cannot use the common way to convert a webpage. Why this issue comes up? There are some probable reasons:

  • Permissions: If you're using software or accessing a document online, the owner might have restricted printing permissions.
  • Security: Sometimes, sensitive documents or materials are protected to prevent unauthorized printing and distribution.
  • Technical Issues: There could be technical glitches or compatibility issues with the software or printer that prevent the printing function from working properly.
  • Temporary Disablement: Occasionally, the print option might be temporarily disabled due to updates or maintenance activities.
  • User Settings: Check your printer settings or software settings to ensure that printing hasn't been inadvertently disabled.

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF with Printing Disabled – 3 Workarounds

If you cannot use Print because you cannot open the options pop-up window by right-clicking, you can try to press “Ctrl + P” to call up the Print menu. However, if this way cannot help you, you can give up Print and try other methods.

For example, you can try to capture the webpage with a picture-edit app and then gather the screenshots to complete an entire webpage. Or, you can try a free third-party extension – MultCloud “Save Webpage as PDF” to address the print-disabled issue. Besides, you can open the webpage on Opera to see if the built-in Snapshot feature can do you a favor.

Way 1: Convert a Print-disabled Web Page to a PDF by MultCloud Extension

The MultCloud extension is a free Chrome extension. If you are always using Chrome as your default browser, this extension is the right one for you to save a webpage as a PDF. You can check the highlights of the MultCloud extension to see if it can meet your needs:

If you are interested in the MultCloud extension, you can follow the steps below to try to convert a print-disabled web page to a PDF.

  • Convert a webpage as a PDF or PNG file with a click.
  • Directly download the webpage to a local place or save it to the cloud.
  • Support auto-download or automatically save the converted webpage to the cloud.
  • Convert the webpage with data traffic which ensures stable transfer and fast speed.
  • Run 5 tasks at the same time if you upgrade to premium.
  • Allow to convert a webpage with or without headers and footers.

Step 1: Search for “MultCloud Save – Save Webpage as PDF” in Chrome Web Store and add it to Chrome.

Step 2: Open the extension and select “Account”. Then, click “Sign up” to get a new account.

Sign up
Sign up

Step 3: Choose “Setting” on the extension pop-up window and choose “PDF of entire page (.pdf)” under “Save Webpage as”. Also, you can check other options if you want.

Choose to Save Webpage as PDF
Choose to Save Webpage as PDF

Step 4: Open the desired webpage and the extension. Then, click “Convert” > “Download” / “Save to Cloud” and the PDF file will be shown in the chosen destination.

Save a Webpage as a PDF by MultCloud Extension
Save a Webpage as a PDF by MultCloud Extension

Note: If you want to save the PDF to the cloud, you have to add a cloud to MultCloud: go to “Setting” > click “Add Cloud” > click “Add Cloud” and the cloud logo on the MultCloud website > back to “Setting” > select a cloud folder as the transfer destination.

Way 2: Print a PDF When Print Option is Disabled by Capturing

Another way is not as direct as the MultCloud extension. You can capture each page of a whole webpage and then use a PDF converter app or extension to convert the screenshots to PDFs. Although it seems troublesome, capturing can be effective when you cannot use the right-click and the extension.

Way 3: How to Make Print-disabled Web Page to a PDF on Opera

Opera is a web browser known for its speed, security features, and innovative functionalities. Instead of Print, Opera provides a built-in snapshot feature that you can use to save a webpage as a PDF. It is quite easy to use:

Step 1: Open the webpage on Opera.

Step 2: Click on the camera-shaped icon next to the webpage URL.

Step 3: Choose “Save page as PDF”. When the File Explorer pop-up window appears, name the PDF and choose where to save it on your computer. Then, this webpage can be saved as a PDF in a local position.

Save Page as PDF on Opera
Save Page as PDF on Opera


Reading here, you have already learned 3 solutions on how to save a webpage as a PDF with printing disabled, including employing the MultCloud extension, capturing the webpage, and utilizing the Opera Snapshot feature. You may try them all to see which one can lend you a hand.

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