Why Export Emails from One Gmail Account to Another?

Why do you need to export emails from one Gmail account to another? You might transfer emails due to the following reasons:

  • Abandon a Gmail address that contains your important emails.
  • Use a new Gmail account after graduating or entering a higher school, you have to back up the emails that matter to you.
  • Keep a backup copy to prevent emails from losing in the future.
  • Other reasons.

Therefore, we will come to the topic today, how to export emails from one Gmail account to another, and show you the best free way and one tip to migrate emails between two Gmail accounts, let’s get started. By the way, you can transfer data between Google Drive accounts in the following content.

How to Transfer All Emails from One Gmail Account to Another Manually?

If you just want to see the emails from one Gmail account to another in the Inbox, enabling POP for one Gmail, and then importing to another Gmail account manually can be the feasible way.

Step 1. Enable POP Settings for Old Gmail Account

Here are the steps to export emails from one Gmail account to another:

1. Please log in to your Gmail account that contains the emails you want to see in another Gmail account.

2. Tap the Settings icon in the top right, then choose See all settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

3. Select Enable POP for all mail in the POP download section, select Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox when messages are accessed with POP, and click Save Changes.

Enable POP for All Mail in Old Gmail
Enable POP for All Mail in Old Gmail

4. Log in to another Gmail account, use the same way to open Gmail’s Settings, choose Accounts and Import, and hit "Add a mail account" next to Check mail from other accounts.

Add A Mail Account
Add A Mail Account

5. It pops up a window, input your Gmail email address, and hit Next.

Input Your Gmail Address
Input Your Gmail Address

6. Then choose Import emails from my other account (POP3), and hit Next >>.

Import Emails from My Other Account (POP3)
Import Emails from My Other Account (POP3)

7. Input your password for the Gmail account and check Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail, and in other settings you’d prefer, hit Add Account.

Add Your Gmail Account
Add Your Gmail Account

Note: POP server is pop.gmail.com and the Port is 995.

8. Tick the option to send messages under the old alias, and click Next > Next Steps.

9. Then check the connections between the two Gmails accounts via a confirmation code and verification link.

Now, you can check emails from the new Gmail address in your Inbox.

You have to go to Google Account > Security > Signing in to Google > App passwords, then sign in to your Gmail account, choose the app and device you need the password, then hit Generate if you have enabled two-factor authentication. Or you can’t go on in step 7.

Step 2. Import Mail and Contacts from One Gmail to Another New Account

1. Please log in to your Gmail account so that you want to save emails from another Gmail account.

2. Tap the Settings icon > See all settings > Accounts and Import.

3. Click Import mail and contacts in the Import mail and contacts section.

Import Mail And Contacts
Import Mail And Contacts

4. Input your Gmail address and hit Continue.

Input Your Gmail Address
Input Your Gmail Address

5. Click Continue.

Import Continue
Import Continue

6. Then follow the steps to sign in to another Gmail account, and close the pop-up window until you see the information: Authentication successful.

7. Choose the options you want to import, here we tick Import contacts, Import mail, Import new mail for the next 30 days, and hit Start import.


  • You can only import emails from Gmail to another account with all the emails you have in your Inbox plus any emails received in the next 30 days.
  • The process will take up several hours or up to 2 days to complete. You can close this window and log out, or even close your Browser, the import process will continue until it’s finished.
  • The process is quite complex for setting up.

Bonus Tip: Backup Gmails to Other Clouds for Security

If you have very important emails in Gmail, it’s highly recommended to back up Gmail to other clouds to prevent them from losing. How to back up Gmail emails easily? The powerful web-based multi-cloud manager - MultCloud will do you a big favor, which allows you to migrate Gmails with all emails and attachments to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Workspace, and many more. MultCloud supports 30+ clouds, and you can feel free to use it.


Here are the steps to migrate Gmails to OneDrive with MultCloud:

1. Please apply for a MultCloud account and sign in.

Sign Up for A MultCloud Account

2. Click Add Email > Gmail to add. Then click Add Cloud > OneDrive to add.

Add Gmail
Add Gmail

3. Tap Email Migration on the left, expand the Gmail you want to export in the FROM section, and choose the emails, select OneDrive as the destination.

Migrate Gmail to OneDrive
Migrate Gmail to OneDrive


  • MultCloud lists the emails in Gmail as labels, so you can transfer emails from Gmail to  Google Drive or other clouds with labels.
  • Options allow you to save attachments, unhide or hide the quoted information, or if you save the last message only. And you can enable email notifications as well.
  • The Schedule is capable of migrating emails from Gmail to OneDrive regularly, like daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Email Filter allows you to only select the specific emails that match the filter criteria in FROM, TO, Date, or others, which is very useful to find some specific emails.

4. Press the Migrate Now button to transfer emails from Gmail to OneDrive directly.

You can use this way to transfer all emails or selected emails from one Gmail account to OneDrive, or other clouds, which is easier for you to make it.

The End

Now, you have multiple ways to export emails from one Gmail account to another, then try the best way that suits you to transfer emails directly. Transfer selected emails or all emails between two Gmail accounts as you want.

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