Want to Transfer Files Between Two Synology NAS?

Are you looking for the fastest way to transfer files between two Synology NAS to migrate a large number of files? Typically, companies often rely on multiple NAS appliances to store critical business data, which may lead to the need for transferring data between two Synology NAS.

Besides, if you have deployed a Synology NAS for your home archive, the limited storage can be the trigger to migrate files from one Synology NAS to another for more space. Regardless of the reasons, here describe the ways to transfer files between 2 Synology NAS, and help you to find the fastest way to transfer files between two Synology NAS to reach your goal.

Why Copy Files from One NAS to Another in Synology?

There are several reasons why companies opt for such data transfers.

  • One primary motive is the requirement for daily data sharing among users with varying access permissions. To ensure seamless accessibility for all users, files or folders are relocated to a NAS appliance that can be readily accessed by everyone.
  • Another crucial aspect is NAS backup. Since NAS devices store diverse data, including backups of other data, it is essential to enhance data security by backing up the NAS appliance itself. In this case, another NAS can serve as a storage medium for the backup.
  • NAS migration is also a common scenario. It may occur due to hardware failures in the existing NAS or insufficient storage capacity. When a new NAS appliance is procured, the migration process involves transferring all data and configurations to the new device.

After reading this, just follow the below solutions to copy files from one Synology to another, and find the fastest way.

4 Ways to Copy Files from One NAS to Another in Synology

Way 1. Copy files from one NAS to Another Synology NAS

After you configured the two Synology NAS, you can use an external hard drive to transfer files between two Synology NAS.

1. Connect your external hard drive to the old Synology NAS.

2. Copy files from the Synology NAS.

3. Disconnect the external hard drive and connect to the new Synology NAS.

4. Move the files from the external hard drive to the new Synology NAS.

5. Now, the transferring of copy files from one NAS to another Synology has been done quickly.

Limitations: The cost time might be very long if you have a large number of files to transfer between two Synology NAS devices.

Way 2. Transfer files between Two NAS via Browser Tabs

Transferring files and folders between Synology NAS devices can be simplified using the convenient drag-and-drop feature in File Station.

Follow these steps to enable and utilize drag and drop functionality in File Station:

1. Please open File Station by double-clicking it.

2. Navigating to Settings > General > File Station.

3. Tick the Enable drag and drop between browsers option.

Enable Drag And Drop Between Browsers
Enable Drag And Drop Between Browsers

4. Save the changes by clicking Save.

5. Open two web browsers of the same type, connect each browser to the respective source, and target Synology NAS devices.

6. Launch File Station on both Synology NAS devices.

7. With the File Station interfaces open in each browser, you can now directly drag and drop files and folders between the source and target NAS devices.


The file size limit for drag-and-drop operations can vary depending on the web browser being used. In the case of Safari, the file size limit for drag and drop functionality is set at 1 GB.

By following these steps, you can easily transfer files and folders between Synology NAS devices using the drag-and-drop feature in File Station. If you encounter difficulties transferring a large number of files or files that exceed the size limit for drag and drop, consider other ways for file transfer.

Way 3. Mount Folder from one Synology NAS to Another

To move data from one Synology NAS to another, you can leverage the shared folder mounting feature. Follow these steps on the destination Synology NAS:

1. Open File Station and navigate to the folder where you want to store the shared folder.

2. Click on "Tools" in the File Station menu. Select "Mount Remote Folder" and pick either "CIFS Share Folder" or "NFS Share Folder" based on the specific situation and requirements.

Mount Remote Folder
Mount Remote Folder

3. Enter the credentials of the source NAS and provide the directory path of the folder you wish to mount.

Mount Settings
Mount Settings

4. Click on the "Mount" button to initiate the mounting process.

5. Then you can move files between 2 Synology NAS manually.

By following these steps, you can quickly mount a shared folder from the source Synology NAS to the destination Synology NAS, allowing for easy and efficient data transfer between the two devices.

Limitations: However, there are some limitations that the transfer speed will be very slow and you have to start over if the transfer gets failed.

Way 4. Migrate Synology NAS to Another via MultCloud

To transfer files between two Synology NAS quickly, the powerful cloud file manager - MultCloud helps you a lot. MultCloud allows you to quickly migrate files between two NAS, no matter whether Synology NAS or QNAP NAS. Besides, it supports mot than 30 clouds on the market, which is flexible for you to migrate files from NAS to cloud, or vice versa.

And most importantly, it has no file size limit while transferring not like Synology cannot copy large files.

Here are the simple steps to transfer files between two Synology NAS:

1. Please apply for a MultCloud account and log in.

Sign Up for MultCloud
Sign Up for MultCloud

2. Tap Add Cloud, and hit NAS, input your Synology NAS server, username, password, and others, click Add Account. Repeat the same steps to add another Synology NAS.

Add Synology NAS
Add Synology NAS

3. Click Cloud Transfer, choose the old Synology NAS as the source, and click the new Synology NAS as the destination.

Transfer NAS to NAS
Transfer NAS to NAS


  • You can set up Options to delete all source files after the transfer is complete to make room for your old Synology NAS. Moreover, you can set up Email and Filter to manage the transfer easier. Upgrade to unlock the Filter feature.
  • Automatic transfer can be your choice if you would like to migrate Synology NAS to another frequently, the Schedule is able to run the task daily, weekly, or monthly.

4. Hit the Transfer Now button to transfer files between two Synology NAS quickly.

Compared with all the methods to transfer files between NAS, MultCloud is the fastest way to transfer files between two Synology NAS. So why not give it a try?

The End

The article explores four methods to transfer files between Synology NAS devices: copying files with an external hard drive, using browser tabs for drag-and-drop functionality, mounting a folder from one NAS to another, and utilizing MultCloud for efficient migration.

According to the above information, you might have found that the fastest way to transfer files between two Synology NAS is MultCloud. It offers flexibility and no file size limitations. These methods cater to different needs such as data sharing, backup, and NAS migration. By summarizing the pros and cons of each approach, readers can choose the most suitable method for their file transfer requirements.

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