Can You Copy Box to Dropbox?

Copy from Box to Dropbox
Copy from Box to Dropbox

User Case:

Hi, I’m trying to copy all files from Box to Dropbox Business. what is the easiest and fastest way to copy many files from my Box account to my Dropbox account?

As technology develops, storing data on cloud storage drives becomes a trend. Cloud storage services have many advantages over physical hard drives. For example, they are online storage services that do not require real media to store data. And they can be accessed on any device from anywhere via the Internet.

Box and Dropbox are two well-known cloud storage services and are popular among cloud users. They provide different cloud storage with similar online file-sharing services. In some cases, you may want to copy your Box data to Dropbox so that you can share data between users from both clouds without switching accounts. Fortunately, in this full guide, you will find the most efficient way to copy Box files to Dropbox without extra time and energy.

How to Copy Files from Box to Dropbox: 3 Efficient Ways

There are so many ways to copy files and folders from Box to Dropbox. The most traditional way is to download files from Box and then re-upload files to Dropbox. This method only works when copying a few files. If you have so many files and folders to be copied from Box to Dropbox, or if you don’t want to go through any downloading and uploading process, here’s an alternative method for you to try.

To copy your files from Box to Dropbox with a single click, all you need is a professional and super-fast cloud-to-cloud data transfer service, MultCloud. This web-based multiple cloud storage manager can transfer and copy your data between clouds within a second.

  • Efficient: One-key transfer, backup, or sync data across clouds.
  • Quick: 10 high-speed threads for transferring data offline.
  • Safe: 256-bit AES encryption and OAuth authorization system.
  • Automatic: Daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled file transfer.

MultCloud is secure and now supports more than 30 popular clouds and on-premise services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, Amazon S3, NAS, WebDAV, etc. You can add all your clouds to it for safe and convenient cloud file management. What’s more, MultCloud offers two simple features for copying Box to Dropbox, which are “Cloud Transfer” and “Copy to”.

Cloud Transfer: Copy, move, or migrate a large number of files from one location to another in one or two clouds by clicking one button.

Copy to: Copy files from one location to one or multiple locations of different clouds.

Way 1: Copy Box to Dropbox via Cloud Transfer

Step 1. Go to the MultCloud website to create an account.

Step 2. Click “Add Cloud”, choose the Box or Box for Business icon, then log in with your Box account. After that, add your Dropbox account to MultCloud in the same way.

Add Box and Dropbox to MultCloud
Add Box and Dropbox to MultCloud

Step 3. Open the Cloud Transfer page, select files and folders in Box as the source, and select a place in Dropbox as the destination. Then click “Transfer Now” and the Box files will be copied to Dropbox immediately.

Copy Box to Dropbox in MultCloud
Copy Box to Dropbox in MultCloud


  • You will get 5 GB of free data traffic every month. If the data is large, you can subscribe MultCloud to get more data traffic with lightning-fast transfer speed.
  • Click “Schedule” and you can set up a specific schedule for MultCloud to automatically copy data from Box to Dropbox.
MultCloud Cloud Transfer Schedules
MultCloud Cloud Transfer Schedules

Way 2. Copy Box to Dropbox via “Copy to”

Step 1. After adding clouds to MultCloud, open Box and tick the files or folders in Box that you want to copy to Dropbox. Then click “Copy to” in the feature bar.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select Dropbox as the destination and click “OK”. Then MultCloud will copy the selected data from Box to Dropbox without waiting.

Copy to Dropbox from Box in MultCloud
Copy to Dropbox from Box in MultCloud

Tip: Click “Multi-select” in the pop-up window and you can select more places as destinations.

Way 3. Copy Box for Business to Dropbox Business via Team Transfer

Instead of copying between personal accounts, MultCloud offers an efficient way to bulk copy between business accounts. That is Team Transfer. This feature can help you copy data from all the sub-accounts of Box for Business to the sub-accounts of Dropbox Business with one click. The operation is similar to the Cloud Transfer function. And MultCloud offers 3 ways to link the source and destination sub-accounts.

Auto-Match: Sub-accounts of the same name will be matched automatically between source and destination.

Upload CSV: Sub-accounts will be matched according to the hand-made CSV that you upload.

Manual-Match: Tick the source and destination sub-accounts one by one to match them as you need.

Transfer Box for Business to Dropbox Business in MultCloud
Transfer Box for Business to Dropbox Business in MultCloud

Bonus Tip: Box vs Dropbox

Box and Dropbox are two cloud-based data storing and sharing services that allow individuals and businesses to exchange files like documents, images, videos, and other content anytime, anywhere. You can compare these two clouds to ensure you are using the best cloud-based software.

  Box Dropbox
Free storage 10 GB 2 GB
Starting price $5/month for 100 GB $9.99/month for 1 TB
Max file size 5 GB 50 GB
Sharing link password Yes No
Target user Business Personal and business
Manage project Box Relay Paper
Transfer speed Slower Faster

In the End

Now you have 3 excellent solutions for how to copy Box to Dropbox without downloading and uploading. You can choose the best one you like and follow the guide carefully to copy new Box files to Dropbox without any risk of data loss. What’s more, MultCloud also offers the Cloud Backup function to help you backup Box to Dropbox or other clouds online. MultCloud can store up to 1000 versions of each backup task for you to restore anytime you want.

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