Saving YouTube videos to Google Drive offers numerous benefits, including easy access to your favorite videos from any device and the ability to create a personal video library. In this article, we will explore the various methods and tools available for saving YouTube videos to Google Drive, as well as provide tips and tricks for optimizing the process.

How to Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive?

To save YouTube videos to Google Drive, we highly recommend you using the "Save to Google Drive" extension, follow these steps:

Step 1. Install the Extension: Open the Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Web Store. Search for "Save to Google Drive" and click on "Add to Chrome" to install the extension.

Step 2. Open the YouTube Video: Go to YouTube and find the video you want to save to Google Drive.

Step 3. Click on the Extension Icon: When you're on the YouTube video page, click on the "Save to Google Drive" extension icon in the Chrome toolbar.

Step 4. Authorize Google Drive: If prompted, authorize the extension to access your Google Drive account.

Step 5. Choose the Destination Folder: Select the destination folder in your Google Drive where you want to save the video. You can also create a new folder if needed.

Step 6. Save the Video: Click on the "Save" button to save the video to your Google Drive. The extension will start the process of saving the video file to your selected folder.

Step 7. Access the Video in Google Drive: Once the video has been saved, you can access it in your Google Drive account by navigating to the selected folder.

Please note that the "Save to Google Drive" extension may have specific features or limitations depending on the version you are using. Make sure to check the extension settings and documentation for more information.

How to Save Web Files to Google Drive?

If you want to save web web files to Google drive for easy access them from anywhere with an internet connection, you can make use of MultCloud Save to Cloud extension. It can do the following for you:

  • Convert webpage as PNG or PDF.
  • Save webpage as PNG or PDF to local storage or cloud drive.
  • Download some software directly to cloud drive (just right-click the download link and choose "Save to MultCloud")

Storing web files in the cloud drive can offer many benefits including:

  • Storing files in the cloud provides a backup in case your local storage device fails or is damaged. This ensures that your files are safe and accessible even if something happens to your device.
  • Cloud storage allows for easy collaboration on files. You can share files with others, set permissions for viewing or editing, and track changes made to the files.
  • Cloud storage services often offer features to help you organize your files, such as folders, tags, and search functionality. This makes it easier to find and manage your files.
  • Some cloud storage services offer version control, allowing you to revert to previous versions of a file if needed. This can be useful when working on collaborative projects or when you need to undo changes.

Final Words

Saving YouTube videos to Google Drive is a convenient way to access and organize your favorite videos. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily save YouTube videos to Google Drive and enjoy them whenever you want. Besides, you can use MultCloud extension to save other types of web resources to cloud drive.

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