Mega is a cloud storage service with a free 50 GB to get you hooked, but for now it’s just a web-app. MediaFire is another one offering 50 GB free space, and it is got users for PC, Mac, and Linux with apps for iOS and Android. If you want to move Mega to MediaFire for using mobile app, MultCloud ( a free multi-cloud manager) is recommended to do so.

1.Add Mega and MediaFire one by one through “Add Cloud”.

Add Cloud Drives
Add Cloud Drives

2.Then you can move files from Mega to MediaFire through Transfer Service and schedule to run automatically, or simply Copy\Copy to by right clicking files.

Transfer And Schedule
Transfer And Schedule

*Update: MultCloud developed a special Cloud Sync service now, you can use it to do sync cloud drive task directly. MultCloud provides 8 normal sync ways.

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