Can I Use G Suite with Office 365?

Office 365 G Suite Integration
Integrate G Suite with Office 365

G Suite, now known as Google Workspace, is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. It includes apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, aimed at enhancing communication, creativity, and efficiency for businesses and individuals.

Office 365, now called Microsoft 365, is a subscription-based suite of productivity tools from Microsoft. It encompasses applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more, along with cloud services, designed to empower efficient communication, collaboration, and work across various devices.

Since each of these 2 services has its own highlights, if we can make them work together, it must greatly enhance the work efficiency. The fact is that G Suite can be used with Office 365 and the integration benefits us from:

  • Seamless Collaboration: When Office 365 and Google Workspace work together by some methods such as migrating files from G Suite to OneDrive or other Office 365 apps, people can collaborate seamlessly on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This can let them work in a more flexible way because they create the files regardless of the apps.
  • Increased Productivity: By integrating Microsoft 365 (also Office 365) with G Suite, you can choose your preferred productivity tools on both G Suite and Office 365 files.
  • Improved Communication: The team members can have closer communication by sharing and editing the files together. Additionally, using the email apps and the message apps together by integration can achieve this goal, too.
  • Centralized Management: After the G Suite and Office 365 integration, you can centralize your files which are scattered in different places. Besides, the integration makes users manage their user accounts and file access permissions together which can simplify administration and reduce the risks of being attacked.
  • Cost Saving: Integrating G Suite with Microsoft 365 can expand the storage of the cloud drives, so businesses don’t have to spend more money on it. What’s more, they don’t need to buy additional software for multiple functions which will cost much.

As you can see, Office 365 and Google Workspace integration can play a positive role in your work. So how to make that? The following parts will show you two clear guides to integrate G Suite and Office 365.

G Suite and Office 365 Integration via MultCloud [2 Ways]

As the first section mentioned, G Suite and Office 365 respectively include different services. You may make the G Suite Office 365 integration because you want to directly transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive, sync SharePoint sheets with Google Shared Drive, or save Gmail emails to OneDrive. All these tasks can be achieved via MultCloud.

MultCloud aims to manage your multiple clouds on one platform and supports more than 30 kinds of cloud drives. So, services of G Suite and Office 365 like OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Shared Drive, SharePoint Online, Gmail, and the upcoming Outlook are all supported by MultCloud. Of course, due to the different needs, MultCloud offers different functions:

  • Cloud Sync: Make 2 clouds integrate together with just a few clicks. Also, the syncing process is automatic and you are allowed to choose to sync the whole cloud or some parts of this cloud.
  • Email Migration: Migrate emails from an email server to a cloud drive. The emails will be converted into PDFs before they are transferred.
  • Schedule: Set the syncing process to run at your preferred time, supporting daily, weekly, and monthly sync.
  • Filter: Pick out the files or emails that you only want them to transfer. For Cloud Sync, you can select the emails with files' extensions; while for Email Migration, you can select with emails' sender, recipient, and other elements.

Way 1: Sync OneDrive to Google Drive in Real Time by Cloud Sync

Step 1: Search MultCloud in your preferred web browser and enter its official site. Then create an account by clicking “Get started for free” on the MultCloud home page.

Step 2: Click “Add Cloud” and then choose the Google Drive and OneDrive icons to log in to the accounts.

Add OneDrive and Google Workspace
Add OneDrive and Google Workspace

Step 3: Tap “Cloud Sync” in the left sidebar and choose OneDrive and Google Drive in the boxes. Here you can choose Normal Sync or Real Time Sync, One-way Sync, or Two-way Sync according to your needs.

G Suite and Office 365 Integration
G Suite and Office 365 Integration

Step 4: Click “Sync Now” and your files on OneDrive will be synced to Google Workspace soon.

Note: If you have masses of files to sync, you can purchase MultCloud’s paid plan, so that you can run 2 Real Time Sync and 2 Normal Sync tasks at the same time which can highly improve work efficiency. Also, you can apply all the sync modes if you are a VIP.

Way 2: Save Gmail to OneDrive as PDFs by Email Migration

Step 1: Add Gmail and OneDrive to MultCloud. To add Gmail, click "Add Email" > choose Gmail icon > log in to Gmail account.

Add Outlook to MultCloud
Add Outlook to MultCloud

Step 2: Select "Email Migration" in the left bar. Then choose Gmail and OneDrive in the boxes and click "Migrate Now" to start the task.

Save Gmail Emails to OneDrive
Save Gmail Emails to OneDrive

Note: Except for Email Filter and Schedule, you can open Options to see if there is more settings that you want to adjust like migrating with or without attachments.

Email Migration Settings
Email Migration Settings


G Suite and Office 365 Integration via Power Automate [Limited]

To make G Suite and Microsoft 365 integration, you can also use Power Automate. Microsoft Power Automate is used to create automated workflows and tasks across various apps and services. The defect of using Power Automate is that the templates on it are limited. Therefore, if you can’t find a proper template to use, you have to create one which is quite complex.

As a comparison to the former section which shows how to sync files, this section will illustrate the steps for syncing OneDrive files to Google Drive.

Step 1: Enter the Office 365 website and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click the button in the upper-left corner, select “All apps”, and tap Power Automate.

Open Power Automate
Open Power Automate

Step 3: Open “Templates” in the left bar, enter “Sync OneDrive Files to Google Drive Files” in the search box, and choose the template with the same title.

Choose a Template
Choose a Template

Step 4: Add your OneDrive and Google Drive account by clicking the button at the end of the box and click “Continue”.

Choose OneDrive and Google Drive Accounts
Choose OneDrive and Google Drive Accounts

Step 5: Choose the folders that you want to sync from/to and tap “Create”. Then the syncing task is established.

Choose Folders and Tap Create
Choose Folders and Tap Create

Microsoft Power Automate vs MultCloud Cloud Sync

Both of these 2 ways can achieve Office 365 G Suite integration, but here this post recommends MultCloud Cloud Sync more, and the reasons are shown below.

  • Cloud Sync supports Two-way Sync while Power Automate goes on the one-way trip.
  • Real Time Sync in Cloud Sync makes the syncing process automatic without updating manually while Power Automate can’t realize it.
  • Since Cloud Sync uses bandwidth to sync files, the speed will be faster and the process will be more stable. Also, you don't have to stare at the screen before the task is finished, but let it alone. You can even shut down your computer and the task is still running.
  • Cloud Sync has 10 sync modes to choose which makes it more customizable than Power Automate. For example, you can use Incremental Sync so that the task only syncs the added or modified files. 


Both MultCloud and Power Automate can make the G Suite and Office 365 integration and you can choose the one that suits you most. When you sync G Suite on MultCloud, you can try other functions like using Cloud Backup to back up Google Workspace to Wasabi. You won’t feel regret to start using MultCloud Cloud Backup, because it can restore the files that you backed up to other clouds and you can even choose a specific version to restore if you run the process for times.


How do I enable G Suite sync for Microsoft Outlook?

You can also use Email Migration to sync Outlook emails to G Suite. The steps are: Add Outlook and G Suite to MultCloud > Enter the Email Migration interface and set the task> Click "Migrate Now".

How to configure G Suite in Outlook 365?

To configure G Suite in Outlook 365, open Outlook, go to File > Add Account, enter your G Suite email address, and follow the prompts. Use "" for incoming and "" for outgoing servers. Authenticate and allow access to start syncing emails, contacts, and calendars.

How do I link my Office 365 to my Google Workspace?

To link Office 365 and Google Workspace, utilize third-party tools like "CloudMigrator" or "BitTitan". These tools facilitate data migration and synchronization between platforms, ensuring seamless integration of emails, documents, calendars, and contacts for efficient cross-platform collaboration.

Can I use same domain in office 365 and Google Workspace?

Yes, you can use the same domain in both Office 365 and Google Workspace. This allows you to have consistent email addresses and domain branding across platforms while managing services independently. Proper DNS configuration is crucial for smooth domain coexistence.

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