Can I Transfer iPhone Photos to Different Apple ID?

Transfer iPhone Photos to Different Apple ID
Transfer iPhone Photos to Different Apple ID

The answer is yes. This post will show 3 ways to realize it in the following 2 parts. But this section will first give brief introductions to iCloud Photos, Shared Albums, and AirDrop in order to help you better acquire the methods.

iCloud Photos: iCloud Photos is attached to the iCloud service and aims to store and sync every photo and video automatically. When you turn on iCloud Photos, you can check the photos on it from any device at any time. The photos and videos here are organized into Years, Months, and Days. iCloud Photos can also classify photos by people, location, or events and create Memories to help you recall unforgettable moments.

Shared Albums: Apple Shared Album is a feature of the Photos app. Using Shared Albums, you can easily share photos on iCloud with your family and friends. If you grant others permission, they can even upload photos and video clips to the Shared Albums.

AirDrop: AirDrop makes iOS and macOS users share files or photos wirelessly. When you use AirDrop to transfer files or photos, you should be physically close to the recipient. Also, your Bluetooth settings are turned on.

After showing what are iCloud Photos, Shared Albums, and Airdrop, the next parts will tell you 1 MultCloud solution and 2 Apple solutions on how to transfer iPhone photos to different Apple ID.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone with Different Apple ID: MultCloud [Effortless]

Since you can transfer iPhone photos to different Apple IDs, this section will introduce the most recommended way to you which is using MultCloud.

MultCloud Cloud Transfer is of great use to transfer files or photos between cloud drives for free. No matter how far the distance between you and the recipient is, you can use Cloud Transfer. Besides, it won’t limit the number of photos that you can transfer at one time. Also, the transfer speed is quite fast.

Way 1: Migrate Photos on iPhone by Cloud Transfer

At the very beginning, you have to turn on iCloud Photos on both of your iPhones.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and click “Sign up Free” to get a new MultCloud account.

Step 2: Add iCloud Photos to MultCloud by clicking “Add Cloud” and then choosing the iCloud Photos icon. Here you should go through two-factor authentication to log in to iCloud Photos and this step should be repeated to add different Apple IDs.

Add iCloud Photos
Add iCloud Photos

Step 3: Open Cloud Transfer in the left sidebar and put the different iCloud Photos accounts into their corresponding boxes. Then, all you need to do is tapping the “Transfer Now” icon and the transfer process will be complete very soon.

Transfer photos with Different Apple IDs
Transfer Photos with Different Apple IDs

Note: MultCloud also offers multiple options for you to customize, such as Transfer Options, Email, and Filter. Transfer Options are provided for you to choose how to deal with the repeated files during the transfer process. Email is used to notify you that the transfer is complete by email. And you can make use of Filter to ignore or only transfer the files with the extensions you selected.


Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone with Different Apple ID: 2 Apple Solutions

This section will give the instructions to use Shared Albums and AirDrop to transfer Photos with Different Apple IDs. However, these 2 solutions have some limitations. For example, if you want to transfer by AirDrop, you should consider the physical distance and Bluetooth connection.

Way 1: Move iPhone Photos by Shared Albums

Before you begin to use Shared Albums, you have to make sure that you turned on Shared Albums in Settings. The steps for how to make a Shared Album on iCloud and use it to transfer photos are showed below.

Step 1: Open the Photos app and turn to the Albums interface. Then tap the “+” button in the upper-left corner.

Step 2: Add a new Shared Album, give it a name, and click “Next”.

Create a Shared Album
Create a Shared Album

Step 3: Invite another Apple ID to join this Shared Album from your contacts or entering an email address/iMessage phone number. Then click “Create” and a new Shared Album is created.

Step 4: Tap the icon in the upper-right corner and turn on the button of “Subscribers Can Post”. By doing so, you can transfer photos from your iPhone to their iPhones.

Turn on Subscribers Can post
Turn on Subscribers Can Post

Note: If you don’t know how to turn on Shared Albums, you can refer to this instruction: Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Photos > Shared Albums.

Turn on Shared Albums
Turn on Shared Albums

Way 2: Transfer Photos between iPhones by AirDrop

Using AirDrop to transfer a small number of photos is easy, but it needs you to stay close to the recipient and turn on the Bluetooth on both of your iPhones.

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the photos that you want to transfer.

Step 2: Click the “Share” icon and choose AirDrop.

Step 3: Select another Apple ID that you want to transfer photos to and tap “Done” in the upper-right corner. Your photos will be transferred from one Apple ID to another.

Transfer Photos by AirDrop
Transfer Photos by AirDrop


The 3 solutions on how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple ID are all easy to follow. However, among all the methods showed above, using MultCloud Cloud Transfer is more recommended because the transfer process won’t make your phone jam. Also, MultCloud doesn’t have a restriction of physical distance.

Except for Cloud Transfer, MultCloud has more functions like Team Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Cloud Backup. Things like backing up iCloud Photos to Google Photos automatically can be simply realized on MultCloud. Therefore, you may give it a chance.

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