Why move files from Box to MEGA?

Box, founded in 2005, is an online file sharing and content management service for business. Box Company uses a freemium business model to provide cloud storage and file hosting for personal accounts and business. It allows you to centralize all of your content and provides more efficiency, speed and simplicity for employees in business. Box has two highlights, security in file sharing and diversity in operating platforms. It supports OS like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (not available in Personal type), and almost all mobile platforms. However, it has a disadvantage of limited free cloud storage. Its main goal is for files sharing not storing after all, so there is only 10 GB free space for personal users. As a result, some users would like to move files from Box to MEGA to gain more space, just like someone would move from MEGA to Box for better sharing.

Why move to MEGA? MEGA is also a cloud storage and file hosting service produced by Mega Limited. MEGA has two most notably features comparing to other cloud storages, one is that all files are encrypted locally before they are upload, and the other is it has 50 GB storage space for free. Therefore, to move from Box to MEGA ensures two main events, security and storage. Besides, it couldn’t be better if you combine MEGA and Box like you connect OneDrive with Google Drive since they both put much emphasis on security.

How to move files from Box to MEGA?

To complete this task easily, you have to turn to professional and trustworthy software. Otherwise, you need to download all files from Box and then upload them to MEGA. MultCloud is such a free web-based app that allows you to move files from one cloud to the other. This multiple cloud manager supports up to 26 clouds. You need to sign up a MultCloud account to add MEGA and Box into one same interface. In terms of moving files, you have options to exclude certain file types that you don’t want to move. Schedule moving file from Box to MEGA is also available in MultCloud. Follow this guide to learn details on how to move from Box to MEGA.

Move Box to MEGA using MultCloud

First, log into MultCloud after you sign up. Click Add Cloud Drives and select Box icon to move on.

Second, click on Add Box Account. There should have a confirmation window after that, and just choose the positive one.

Add Box
Add Box

Third, repeat said two steps to add MEGA to MultCloud. Then, select all the files that you want to move, right click your mouse and select Copy to. Find MEGA cloud and start moving.

Alternatively, you can click Transfer on the upper side to move all files. Choose the source cloud and the destination cloud, configure customer settings and click Run Now.

Tips: Click the small upside-down triangle symbol to set schedule transfer between clouds.

Have you aware of how easy it is to move files from Box to MEGA by MultCloud? With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your data among different clouds even if you’re a novice to cloud storages. As covered before, MultCloud supports more than MEGA and Box. Therefore, you can use it to supervise other accounts, for instance, backup Google Drive to Dropbox

*Update: Since 4.0 version, you can sync cloud drive in MultCloud's Cloud Sync service conveniently.


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