MEGA vs pCloud: A Brief Overview

What are the Differences between Mega and pCloud
What are the Differences between MEGA and pCloud

MEGA is a cloud storage platform offering users 20 GB of free space and end-to-end encryption for heightened privacy. It emphasizes security, enabling users to securely store, access, and share MEGA files while maintaining control over their data through robust encryption measures.

pCloud is a versatile cloud storage service that offers secure file storage and sharing. With features like client-side encryption, it ensures data privacy. pCloud provides seamless cross-platform access, allowing users to store, sync, and collaborate on files effortlessly, making it a reliable solution for personal and business use.

MEGA vs pCloud: What are the Differences? [8 Aspects]

In this section, we will compare MEGA with pCloud from the aspects of storage space, price, security, speed, cross-platform compatibility, collaboration dynamics, file versioning features, sharing options, and backup strategies.

MEGA vs pCloud: Storage Space

When it comes to storage, MEGA and pCloud cater to different preferences. MEGA offers a generous 20 GB in its free plan and a whopping 16 TB in its paid plans. On the other hand, pCloud, while starting modestly, provides 4 GB of free storage and you can get 10 TB of storage at most.

MEGA vs pCloud: Price

Budget considerations play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. MEGA's pricing is budget-friendly, offering substantial storage without breaking the bank. On the other hand, pCloud's pricing reflects the value it provides, targeting users who prioritize features over sheer storage volume.

MEGA vs pCloud: Security

Security is a paramount concern in the realm of cloud storage. MEGA takes pride in its end-to-end encryption, ensuring robust protection for your files. In contrast, pCloud, while secure, doesn't match MEGA's encryption capabilities. If you prioritize digital fortification, MEGA may be the preferred choice.

MEGA vs pCloud: Speed

Speed is a crucial factor in the world of cloud storage. MEGA ensures swift file transfers with its high-speed architecture. pCloud, though efficient, operates at a more consistent pace, without necessarily breaking speed records.

MEGA vs pCloud: Cross-platform Compatibility

In a world dominated by multiple devices, cross-platform compatibility is non-negotiable. Both MEGA and pCloud understand this, providing seamless synchronization across devices. Whether you choose MEGA's mobile app or opt for pCloud on your desktop, your files will sync effortlessly.

MEGA vs pCloud: Collaboration Dynamics

For those involved in collaborative efforts, MEGA and pCloud offer different approaches. MEGA excels in real-time collaboration, promoting smooth teamwork. Conversely, pCloud's collaboration features are structured and appealing to users who prefer a methodical approach to project management.

MEGA vs pCloud: File Versioning Features

The ability to track changes in files is essential. Both MEGA and pCloud offer file versioning, allowing users to revisit previous iterations. MEGA's versioning is extensive, acting like a virtual time machine. pCloud, while offering versioning, adopts a more conservative approach.

MEGA vs pCloud: Sharing Options

Efficient file sharing is at the heart of cloud storage. MEGA introduces an element of surprise in its file-sharing roulette, leaving some aspects to chance. Conversely, pCloud's file-sharing chess demands strategic moves, providing precise control over permissions.

MEGA vs pCloud: Backup Strategies

MEGA and pCloud approach backup differently. MEGA's automatic backup operates in the background, ensuring constant synchronization. pCloud's backup process is more structured, allowing users to customize their backup routines.

MEGA vs pCloud: Summary

Choosing between MEGA and pCloud depends on your specific needs and priorities.

MEGA is a better choice for you when you focus on:

  • Large storage space
  • High-level security
  • Low-cost premium plan
  • High-transfer speed
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Flexible file versioning feature

pCloud is a better choice for you when you focus on:

  • Multiple paid plans
  • Structured collaboration features
  • Precise control of sharing files
  • Customizable backup strategies

Bonus Tip: Transfer pCloud Files to MEGA via MultCloud

If you are a MEGA user or a pCloud user who wants to use another as an alternative after knowing the diffrence between MEGA and pCloud, you may need to transfer files from one cloud to another. To easily realize it, MultCloud can lend you a hand. MultCloud is a cloud management service that provides you with different managing functions like Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Cloud Backup. Among all the robust functions, here we will specially introduce Cloud Transfer for you to migrate files.

More details are included in the steps for using Cloud Transfer to transfer pCloud files to MEGA.

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account if you are a new user.

Step 2: Add MEGA and pCloud to MultCloud. For example, to add MEGA, you will click “Add Cloud” and the MEGA icon. Then you will log in to your MEGA account.

Add Mega and pCloud
Add MEGA and pCloud

Step 3: Click “Cloud Transfer” in the left bar and choose the 2 clouds in the FROM/TO boxes. Then you can tap “Transfer Now” to run this task.

Transfer pCloud Files to Mega
Transfer pCloud Files to MEGA


  • If you want to delete the transferred files on MEGA, you can tick “Delete all source files after transfer is complete” in “Options”.
  • You can schedule this task and let it run once a day/week/month with “Schedule”.
  • The “Filter” is provided for you to select the files that you want or don’t want to transfer with file extensions.
Cloud Transfer Options
Cloud Transfer Options


In conclusion, the choice after we compare MEGA vs pCloud hinges on various factors outlined in the post's eight-point comparison. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, users seeking seamless file transfers between MEGA and pCloud may find MultCloud to be a valuable ally in simplifying their cloud storage experience.

When you use MultCloud to transfer files from one cloud to another, you may try its other functions like using Cloud Sync to integrate SharePoint and Box. Simplify the workflows now!

What are the disadvantages of pCloud?
pCloud has limitations on free storage, lacks certain advanced collaboration features, and may not offer the same level of integration with third-party apps as some competitors. Additionally, concerns about data privacy and security have been raised by users.
Is MEGA a good cloud storage?
MEGA offers generous free storage, end-to-end encryption for enhanced security, and a user-friendly interface. However, slower upload speeds and occasional service outages have been reported. The emphasis on privacy may be appealing, but user experiences vary regarding overall reliability and performance.
What's better than pCloud?
Dropbox is often considered better than pCloud for its seamless file syncing, robust collaboration features, and widespread third-party app integrations. It offers a user-friendly experience and reliable performance, making it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses requiring efficient cloud storage and file sharing.
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