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Why Transfer Google Photos in Laptop?

As your collection of photos and videos grows in Google Photos, it becomes crucial to create a backup on your laptop. This safeguard guarantees that your cherished memories remain accessible, providing peace of mind in case of Google account problems.

At the same time, having your media on your laptop allows you to enjoy them offline, ensuring your moments are always within reach, regardless of internet connectivity. So, how do I transfer all my Google Photos to my laptop? Refer to complete article to learn the details. Also, we will offer you a direct and effortless way to move photos from Google Photos to another cloud.

How to Transfer Google Photos in Laptop

There are two straightforward manual methods for transferring photos from Google Photos to your laptop. The first involves downloading and uploading, while the second utilizes Google Takeout. You can select the appropriate method depending on your specific circumstances and preferences.

Way 1: Download and Upload

This straightforward approach proves especially convenient when dealing with a limited number of photos that require downloading. Simply select the desired images, download them to your computer, and effortlessly upload them to your laptop for safekeeping or further editing. This process is swift and efficient, making it ideal for managing smaller photo batches with ease.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Photos on any browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the photos you want to download, select one by one, and press the 3-dots icon on the top right side to hit the Download button.

Download Photos from Google Photos
Download Photos from Google Photos

The chosen photos will be automatically downloaded to your laptop, ensuring they are readily available offline. You can easily access them whenever needed by navigating to the local destination on your device.

Way 2: How to Transfer Google Photos in Laptop via Google Takeout

Google Takeout lets you export and download data from Google services, offering control and backup for emails, photos, videos, and more. It supports Gmail, Google Photos, Drive, YouTube, etc., allowing selective export in a compressed format, aiding backups and data migration. So, if you have many photos to save on your laptop, you can use this service to download then at once.

Step 1: Head to Google Takeout on the web.

Step 2: First, Deselect all. Then swipe down your cursor and tick the icon of Google Photos.

Tick Google Photos
Tick Google Photos

Step 3: Later, scroll down to press the Next tab. Then choose the right file type, frequency and destination based on your needs respectively. Finally, tap the Create Export button.

Create Export
Create Export

Step 4: Then, the exporting link will be generated and you will receive an email notifying you.


Tip: If you have any problem, you can read Google Takeout instructions to learn the details.

Bonus Tip: How to Backup Google Photos to Another Cloud

Although transferring Google Photos in laptop is helpful when you want to access them offline, what if your laptop is stolen and your Google Photos lost photos? If you want to avoid this situation, you can back up important photos from Google Photos to another cloud like iCloud Photos, Flickr, Synology NAS, etc.

Then, the problem comes to how to backup Google Photos to another cloud. If you are tired of downloading and uploading, thankfully, you can take advantage of MultCloud to accomplish the backup process easily and effortlessly. It is a web-based cloud storage management service that helps you connect multiple cloud drives together.


There are many advantages of using MultCloud to backup files from one cloud to another, for instance:

  • More than 30 Cloud Drive Supported. MultCloud supports more than 30 cloud drives on the market, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, Flickr, Amazon S3, Box, and so on. You can manage them all together in one tool.
  • Automatic Backup Supported. MultCloud provides 4 scheduling options for automatic backup tasks, including specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly settings. Once you set it up, MultCloud will run the task on time. For instance, you can backup Dropbox to Google Drive.
  • Offline Backup in the Background. When transferring files between cloud drives using MultCloud, it utilizes data traffic rather than relying solely on the network connection. This means that even in the event of a network disruption, the backup process can continue between the cloud services once it has begun.

Now, you can follow the operations below to learn how to backup Google Photos to another cloud via MultCloud. We will take Synology NAS as an example.

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account by your email.

Step 2: Navigate to Add Cloud. Then hit the icon of Google Photos to add your account. Then, follow the guidance to grant MultCloud permission. Later, repeat the same way to add your NAS.

Add Google Photos and NAS
Add Google Photos and NAS

Step 3: Head to Cloud Backup on the left sidebar. Then choose Google Photos as the source cloud, and Synology NAS as the target cloud. Finally, hit the Backup Now button. 

Backup Google Photos to NAS
Backup Google Photos to NAS

See, you will only need to perform 3 steps, then photos on Google Photos can be backed up to Synology NAS easily and seamlessly. Similarly, you will find it quick to backup OneDrive to Google Drive.

  • Secure. MultCloud employs cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard your data and prevent data loss.
  • Efficient. MultCloud provides a top-tier backup speed, ensuring a fast and efficient data backup process between cloud services.
  • Versatile. On top of backing up files from one cloud to another, MultCloud also allows you to transfer and sync data between cloud drives efficiently.

So, how do I transfer my Google Photos from my phone to my laptop? Using MultCloud on the web can also help you achieve the target easily and effortlessly.

Final Words

You’ve learned how to transferring Google Photos in your laptop in 2 simple solutions. Anyway, it is a smart move to safeguard your cherished memories and have easy access to them. Whether you opt for manual methods or Google Takeout, ensure that your photos are safely stored on your laptop for peace of mind. Also, when you want to backup Google Photos to another cloud, use MultCloud.

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