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Why Gmail Print to OneDrive Not Working?

When attempting to print an email from Gmail to OneDrive, users often encounter error messages or find that the expected functionality doesn't work. Some common error messages include "Print to OneDrive Failed," "OneDrive Integration Error," or simply nothing happens when the print option is selected.

Here are some of the common error messages users might encounter when trying to print Gmail messages to OneDrive:

"Print to OneDrive Failed: Please try again later."

"OneDrive Integration Error: Unable to connect to OneDrive."

"Printing Error: The selected printer could not be found."

"Failed to Save to OneDrive: Access denied."

Understanding the potential causes of the "Gmail Print to OneDrive Not Working" issue is crucial for effective troubleshooting. So, why can’t I print from Gmail anymore? The problem can be attributed to various factors, such as:

  • Browser Extensions: Conflicting browser extensions or ad blockers might interfere with the printing process.
  • Outdated Printer Drivers: If your printer drivers are outdated or corrupted, it can hinder the printing process.
  • Cache and Cookies: Accumulated cache and cookies in your browser can lead to unexpected issues.
  • OneDrive Settings: Misconfigured OneDrive settings may prevent seamless integration with Gmail.
  • Network Connectivity: Unstable internet connectivity can disrupt the communication between Gmail and OneDrive.

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How to Fix the Gmail Print to OneDrive Not Working Issue [Normal]

Now that we understand the potential reasons behind the issue, let's explore some effective troubleshooting steps to resolve it.

Way 1: Check Printer and OneDrive Settings

The first step is to ensure that your printer and OneDrive settings are configured correctly. Verify that your printer is set as the default printer on your device. Additionally, check your OneDrive settings to ensure it is properly synced with your Gmail account.

Way 2: Clear Cache and Cookies

Accumulated cache and cookies can often cause conflicts with various functions in Gmail. Clearing the cache and cookies in your browser can potentially resolve the printing issue. To do this, navigate to your browser settings, find the "Clear Browsing Data" option, and select "Cache" and "Cookies" to clear them.

Way 3: Update or Reinstall Printer Drivers

Outdated or corrupted printer drivers can lead to print failures. Visit the website of your printer's manufacturer and download the latest drivers compatible with your operating system. Alternatively, uninstall the existing printer drivers and reinstall them to ensure a fresh setup.

Way 4: Disable Browser Extensions

Conflicting browser extensions, such as ad blockers or privacy plugins, can interfere with the printing process. Temporarily disable all extensions, especially those related to OneDrive or Gmail, and attempt to print again.

How to Avoid the Gmail Print to OneDrive Not Working Issue [Novel]

If the direct printing method still doesn't work, consider using MultCloud as an alternative solution. MultCloud is a powerful cloud file management tool that allows you to connect multiple cloud storage services, including Gmail, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. With MultCloud, you can easily move Gmail to OneDrive without any compatibility issues.


Follow the steps below to learn the way to Gmail print to OneDrive via MultCloud:

Step 1: Register a MultCloud account on its official web. Or, you can sign in with your Google/Facebook account.

Step 2: Go to the left sidebar. Then tap the Add Email button to add Gmail by hitting its icon. Follow the on-screen tips to give MultCloud access.

Add Gmail
Add Gmail

Next, tap Add Cloud on the left taskbar. And press the OneDrive icon to add and grant MultCloud permission.

Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive

Step 3: Proceed to Email Migration. Then choose the emails from Gmail you want to print, and select OneDrive as the target cloud drive. Finally, tap the Migrate Now button. Then, you can migrate Gmail to OneDrive seamlessly.

Migrate Gmail to OneDrive
Migrate Gmail to OneDrive

Then the selected emails can be saved on OneDrive. When you want print them, you can download them manually and print them later. MultCloud offers an industry-leading migration speed so that emails and attachments can be migrated as quickly as possible.

Also, it allows you to make offline migration. That’s to say, once it gets started, emails can be moved in the background even though your computer shuts down or the network is disrupted. Also, you are allowed to export Gmail emails to PDF. Then you can manually upload it to OneDrive.


The "Gmail Print to OneDrive Not Working" issue can be a frustrating roadblock, but armed with the right knowledge, you can troubleshoot and resolve it effectively. Ensure your printer and OneDrive settings are correct, clear cache and cookies, and update your printer drivers if necessary. If all else fails, embrace alternative methods like using MultCloud for seamless file management or saving attachments directly to OneDrive. By following these steps, you can restore the functionality of printing Gmail messages to OneDrive and enhance your productivity.



Q: Why does the "Print to OneDrive" feature in Gmail fail sometimes?

The "Print to OneDrive" feature in Gmail may fail due to conflicting browser extensions, outdated printer drivers, cache and cookies issues, or misconfigured OneDrive settings.

Q: How do I know if my printer drivers are outdated?

You can check for outdated printer drivers by visiting the manufacturer's website or using the device manager on your operating system to search for driver updates.

Q: Can I print multiple Gmail messages to OneDrive simultaneously using MultCloud?

Yes, MultCloud allows you to transfer multiple files between different cloud services, making it convenient to manage and print Gmail messages to OneDrive simultaneously.

Q: Is using MultCloud safe for transferring sensitive data?

Yes, MultCloud ensures secure and encrypted data transfers, making it safe for transferring sensitive data between cloud services.

Q: Can I use the "Print to PDF" option on a mobile device?

The availability of the "Print to PDF" option on a mobile device depends on the operating system and the email app you are using. Some mobile devices have this feature built-in, while others may require a third-party app to enable it.

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