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Dropbox Schedule Sync Files/Folders/Photos/Music/Videos 2019

For files sync from one Dropbox to another, or between Dropbox and other cloud brands, you can schedule it assisted by schedule sync solution/tool – MultCloud.

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Jan 04, 2019 | 4 mins read

Author Helen

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If you are using Dropbox official application to sync (upload) files between Dropbox cloud and local storage, you will find that there is no schedule feature or something like that for you to set up a sync plan to automatically carry out syncing task in the future. Yet, if you make use of a third party program, like the professional and reliable multiple cloud storage manager – MutCloud, to carry out data synchronization from one Dropbox account to another, you are able to make a schedule to save yourself out of future manual operations.

How to Create Dropbox Schedule Sync with MultCloud?

MultCloud it a web-based software, which only requires you to create an account of it for using its service instead of downloading and installing it on your device occupying the precious local space.

#1. Sign up MultCloud

You can create MultCloud account from its official page. It is much easier than most new account creation. Just provide any one of your available email address, make a username, set up your password and enter the verification code.

Tips: Since MultCloud is an online service, it can be applied on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. all operating systems; and desktop, laptop, notebook, pad, mobile phone, etc. all devices.

#2. Add Dropbox Cloud Account(s) to MultCloud

After successfully signed up to MultCloud, sign in to its platform. Then, you can start your journey of building Dropbox sync schedule.

In MultCloud main user interface, click “Add Clouds” option on the top and select “Dropbox” or “Dropbox for Business” according to the type of your cloud drive account. Then, just follow its easy guidance to finish this step.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox Cloud

Tips: Only one cloud account can be added into MultCloud in one time. To include more accounts, just repeat the process.

#3. Schedule Dropbox Sync in MultCloud

When you have put all your Dropbox accounts or other cloud accounts into MultCloud, next, you can schedule Dropbox to sync as you like.

Click on “Cloud Sync” tab on the top and specify source and destination cloud directories. Then, choose “Schedule” locating in the lower left to trigger the schedule settings window.

Dropbox Schedule Sync
Dropbox Schedule Sync

Dropbox scheduled sync once

Select a day in the future to carry out this task again but only once.

Dropbox Schedule Sync Once
Dropbox Schedule Sync Once

Dropbox sync on schedule daily

If the data (e.g. photos, music, videos, docs, etc.) changes frequently every day, you’d better schedule several time points of each day for Dropbox to sync.

Dropbox Schedule Sync Daily
Dropbox Schedule Sync Daily

Dropbox schedule backup weekly

Schedule at a time of one or more days in a week to operate above sync task.

Dropbox Schedule Sync Weekly
Dropbox Schedule Sync Weekly

Dropbox schedule copy monthly

Or, pick up a few days in a month to do Dropbox syncing.

Dropbox Schedule Sync Monthly
Dropbox Schedule Sync Monthly

Finally, click “Save Schedule” to exit schedule window. Then, choose “Add Task Only” to only set up the schedule or “Add Task and Sync Now” to carry out the synchronization and create schedule setup.

Save Schedule and Sync Now
Save Schedule and Sync Now

Tips: With MultCloud, you can also sync Dropbox with other kinds of cloud drives, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon cloud, MEGA, Box, etc. about 30 different ones.

More Related to Dropbox Schedule Sync

You can view the sync task in Task Manager by clicking the little icon on upper right. If the task is still running, you can stop it by clicking “Cancel” button at the end of the task column.

Cancel Dropbox Sync
Cancel Dropbox Sync

If you want to cancel the schedule plan, just uncheck the “Scheduled” under task name when the current syncing is done.

If you want to change the schedule, click the “Menu” option and select “Schedule” also until the current synchronization is completed.

Change Dropbox Schedule Sync
Change Dropbox Schedule Sync
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