How does MultCloud give 30GB traffic?

MultCloud as its name suggests, is a multiple clouds management web app. It has only web app so far, but this can’t effect it as a famous clouds manager and cloud transfer tool in the market. The current version of MultCloud already has supported more than 30 cloud services and also FTP/SFTP, WebDav and so on. Once you have registered MultCloud you can get free 30GB traffic.

Have 30GB data traffic, you are able to start cloud transfer or cloud sync missions. Yes, cloud sync is another key feature of MultCloud, which even has single interface for it. Now that MultCloud supports FTP, people can also backup their website data to cloud via FTP. Is 30gb enough for a website? For small website, we think 50 GB of traffic is no problem. Now that MultCloud supports unlimited number of cloud services, it means you can transfer files between Google Drives and add two different FTP accounts into MultCloud and then move the website from one to another without cost. If you want to change a cloud drive, for example, give up Dropbox and go to OneDrive, use MultCloud to copy data from Dropbox to OneDrive is free and easy. Backup a website date to a cloud can be realized by MultCloud too, please refer to: FTP to MEGA.

Functions of MultCloud

Above said sign up MultCloud, you can get free 30GB traffic. In fact, MultCloud has an amazing function for newbies - Experience without signing. Enter in MultCloud in this way , you can enjoy the free 50 GB traffic too. If you think MultCloud is great after trying, then you can bundle you email address and change the password.

MultCloud as a cloud management program, which can manage several cloud in one place like Windows Explorer. Under Cloud Explorer window, MultCloud will show basic information of a cloud, such as total volume and allocated space. In a cloud content on MultCloud platform, right click any file, there will be some common operations, including create new folder, upload files to cloud, download, rename, delete, copy, cut, preview, share, etc. What’s more, when you upload files from local disk to online cloud, it won’t cost any traffic of MultCloud, the process is 100% free. Only transferring and syncing will use the traffic.


MultCloud has 30GB traffic initially and provides this free to users. With MultCloud, people can do many things with multiple clouds, managing as well as transferring and syncing make life simpler. If you think free plan’s 50 GB is not enough, you can upgrade to premium account, the monthly VIP service has 150GB and eight methods of sync. MultCloud also has unlimited traffic plan, just choose yearly unlimited and spend you $119.9USD one time, equals to $9.9 USD per month. The price is cheaper than most other clouds manager.

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