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AnsweredHow to Fix SharePoint Sync Folder Not Showing in File Explorer

So, I'm using SharePoint on my Windows PC, and I've synced a folder to my File Explorer. But for some reason, SharePoint files not showing in File Explorer. Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm on Windows 10, using SharePoint Online with the latest updates. Thanks!

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Don't worry; this is a common issue with SharePoint sync. There could be a few reasons why the folder isn't showing up in your File Explorer. Here's what you can try:

  1. Check SharePoint Sync Status: Ensure that the folder has been successfully synced. Look for the green checkmark icon next to the folder in SharePoint Online.
  2. Check Sync Settings: Go to the "Sync" settings in SharePoint Online and make sure the folder is selected for syncing with your device.
  3. Restart OneDrive Sync: Sometimes, the OneDrive sync client may need a refresh. Quit and restart the OneDrive app to see if the folder appears.
  4. Check File Explorer Options: In File Explorer, make sure the option to show synced folders is enabled. Go to "View" and check "Navigation Pane" and "Show Libraries."
  5. Check File Path Length: Long file paths can cause sync issues like SharePoint not showing in File Explorer. Try shortening the folder names and file paths.
  6. Clear OneDrive Cache: Clearing the OneDrive cache can resolve syncing problems. Go to "OneDrive Settings" > "Account" > "Unlink this PC," then set up sync again.


Remember, if you're using any third-party security or antivirus software, it may also interfere with the sync process. Following these steps should help you get that folder showing up in your File Explorer!

Besides, if those synced SharePoint folders still cannot be shown in your File Explorer, you can first sync your SharePoint folder to another cloud drive and then access your SharePoint folder from that cloud drive folder in your File Explorer. To do so, you just need a professional cloud-to-cloud sync service, MultCloud. This web-based service can seamlessly sync data across clouds without downloading or uploading anything.

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After signing up MultCloud, you can take the following steps:

Step 1. Add SharePoint Online and another cloud drive like Google Workspace to MultCloud.

Step 2. Open the Cloud Sync feature, and select the SharePoint Online folder and Google Workspace folder as the source and destination.

Step 3. Choose from 10 excellent sync modes and turn on Cloud Sync by clicking “Sync Now”.

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