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AnsweredSharePoint “Sync” Option Not Available

Hello, people within the organization are not able to sync SharePoint with their OneDrive on their computers (Windows or Mac). When they go on the Documents page of the SharePoint site, there is no option to "Sync", only "Add shortcut to OneDrive" which then simply copies the folders in the Documents page to their OneDrive. How can a normal user without any roles assigned be able to sync their SharePoint to their OneDrive on their computer?

Best Answered by Haru September 21, 2023

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Considering the perspective of a technical expert, here's a brief analysis of why SharePoint button is missing:

  • Browser compatibility issues.
  • Incorrect settings.
  • Version disparities.
  • Bad network connection.
  • Unfixed errors and bugs.


This is how to fix this issue:

Fix 1: Verify SharePoint and OneDrive Permissions

If you encounter the sync button not showing in SharePoint issue, it may be due to insufficient permissions. Follow these steps to check your access rights:

Step 1: Go to the SharePoint Admin Center and select Settings > OneDrive in the right pane. Then select Sync.

Step 2: Ensure that the option Show the Sync button on the OneDrive website is checked. Please note that the Sync button might not appear immediately, so allow some time.

Fix 2: Confirm SharePoint Library Offline Status

When permission issues cause the missing sync button, it's essential to determine if the SharePoint library is offline. Follow these steps based on your administrative role:

For Site Administrators: Go to the SharePoint site, click on the Settings gear, and choose "Site Settings." Under the "Search" section, select "Search and Offline Availability," and ensure that "Offline Client Availability" is set to "Yes." Click "OK."

For Library Administrators: Access the library and choose the "Library" tab. If you don't see the Library tab, click the Gear icon in the Settings menu, and then select "Library settings." In the "General Settings" section, choose "Advanced Settings." Scroll down to the "Offline Client Availability" option and set it to "Yes." Click "OK."

If you find they are not helpful, you can utilize MultCloud, a cloud file manager, that helps you to access and manage multiple cloud drives in one service. It allows you to perform many operations you can do on each cloud, including downloading, uploading, sharing, deleting, renaming, copying, etc.

If you find the SharePoint “Sync” option not available issue, using MultCloud can fix this issue.

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Sing Up Free

After signing up MultCloud, you can take the following steps:

Step 1. Head to Add Cloud.

Step 2. Add SharePoint by following the on-screen tips.

Step 3. Go to SharePoint, then drag and drop the data you want to sync to the interface of MultCloud.

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