• Is MultCloud FREE?

    Yes, it is a free application for both personal and business user. For free account, you can use 30GB data traffic provided by MultCloud every month to transfer your files from one cloud to other clouds. However, if you want to experience more features (such as scheduled transfer) and get 150GB data traiffc every month, then you can purchase our premium subscription.

  • Is MultCloud a cloud storage service?

    MultCloud is like a cloud management channel and it does not have any storage space. If you have multiple clouds, then you can add them to MultCloud to manage and transfer your files from one cloud to other clouds as long as there is enough free space on your destination cloud.

  • Is there any traffic data limitation in MultCloud?

    If you are a free account, you'll have 30GB data traffic to use every month. But you can earn more data traffic via activities. Besides, if you upgrade to subscriber, then you can enjoy more privileges and functions

  • Is 30GB lifetime data traffic?

    No, you'll have 30GB data traiffc every month. However, when you run out of the data traffic, you'll not unable to transfer data. If you still want to transfer files, then you need to upgrade your account to be premium account so you can continue to transfer files.