MediaFire in MultCloud ,
Free Network Storage Cloud

MediaFire is free network server website, and offers free cloud storage and photo backup. MediaFire network storage cloud has no limitation on volume capacity, transfer speed and frequency. Single file is within 100MB, and you can upload file without registering. You can use MultCloud to move data on Mediafire to FTP, Amazon, OneDrive, Yandex, Google Drive, MyDrive, Dropbox, etc, and you can use it to upload and download files.

Feature of MediaFire

No capacity ceiling

No capacity ceiling You can get unlimited capacity to store your file and data.

Limited file size

Limited file size The largest of size of single file is within 200M

Use without registering

Use without registering You can upload and download file with MediaFire without registering.

New functions of MediaFire in MultCloud

MultCloud is a free Cloud online application that manages multiple Clouds and transfers data across data. MediaFire Please sign up to enjoy it .
MediaFire cloud and other Clouds such as DropBox, Box, Amazon, Google Drive, Cubby, SugarSync, etc, can be integrated into MultCloud. You can centralize them with MultCloud without switch cloud accounts. All Clouds that MultCloud supports are:

Move files across Clouds

It is very simple and safe to move backup, or sync data on Mediafire to FTP, Amazon, OneDrive, Yandex, Google Drive, MyDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Transfer data after shuting down

You can use MultCloud to transfer MediaFire data to other Clouds, even though you have shut down computer.

Scheduled transfer

You can set a fixed point to move your documents, musics or movie from MediaFire to other Clouds, vice verse.
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New registry user will get up to 10TB free traffic