Google Photos Backup Stuck on "Backing up 1 of XXX" or "Waiting for Sync"

With the popular use of Google Photos backup, there come into being some problems/errors about this app. The most common type is Google Photos backup stuck accidently showing the message "Backing up 1 of xxx", "Waiting for sync", "one moment please", "getting photos", "Getting ready to back up", "Preparing to backup xx photos", "Uploading xx photos" or "Scanning files".

"Every couple of days i get the 'Haven't backed up for 3 days' message, and when i open the Photos Assistant it say 'Backing up photos' but the number never changes. Also, if i go to the backup settings page, it says 'Upload started' then 'Backing up 1 of XXX' but never progresses past 1."

Google Photos Backup Stuck
Google Photos Backup Stuck

How to Fix Google Photos Stuck Backing up Problem?

After searching over the Internet and go through from forum to forum (most in Google Photos forum), also referring to Google support articles and other websites' essays, concluding solutions provided by Google Photo forum experts, Google Photo loyal users, excellent editors of this field, etc., here generates the following solutions just for reference of future inquirers. Just for try, I can't promise you one of these ways will finally solve your problem for none of the solutions are almighty. Each one of them just helped some victims out. Yet, whether they work in your situation or not, just have a try in case of it might.

11 ways to fix Google Photos backup stuck problem will be introduced below.

Solution 1. Check your Backup Status

Step 1. Open Google Photos app on cellphone.
Step 2. Sign in Google Account.
Step 3. Tap Assistant at the bottom.
Step 4. Look at the first card. If it writes:

  • "Waiting for connection" or "Waiting for Wi-Fi": You should either alter settings or connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile network. Tap the card to change settings.
  • "Back up & sync is off": Tap "TURN ON" on the card to back up your device's photos & videos, as well as ones you capture in the future.
  • "A photo or video was skipped": A photo or video on your mobile device doesn't meet Google Photos upload requirements: Photos can't exceed 75MB or 100 megapixels & Videos can't exceed 10GB
  • "Backing up photos" or "Backup complete“: This means your photos and videos should be saved.


Solution 2. Check your Backup Settings

Step 1. Open the Google Photos app on your mobile device.
Step 2. Sign in your Google Account.
Step 3. Tap Menu >- Settings.
Step 4. Tap Back up & sync. If it's on, you can see these options:

  • Account: Make sure that the account listed is the same one you're viewing in the Google Photos app.
  • Upload size: Tap this options to change the storage size of your photos & videos.
  • "Back up photos" or "Photos back up using cellular data": Choose whether you want to back up your photos using your mobile network (rather than just Wi-Fi). Charges from your service provider may apply.
  • "Back up videos" or "Videos back up using cellular data": Select whether you want to back up your videos using your mobile network (rather than just Wi-Fi). Charges from your service provider may apply.


Solution 3. Clean your App Data/Cache

1. Open your device's Settings.
2. Select Apps.
3. Choose Google Photos in the list.
4. Select Storage.
5. Tap Clear cache and Clear data. Then, sign in and turn on "back up & sync" and never touch the backup settings.

Or, instead, you can uninstall and reinstall Google Photos. Both clear data and uninstallation won't delete your photos/videos.

Solution 4. Solution for Folder Backup

1. Open Google Photos app.
2. Sign in to Google Account.
3. Tap Menu >- Device Folders.
4. Tap the folder you want to back up.
5. Next to Back up & sync, tap the switch.

Solution 5. Switch to "Over Wi-Fi or Use Mobile Network"

Switch the network connection of your phone to "Over Wi-Fi or use mobile network" option. Many user has solved their problems by doing this.

Additionally, making sure that any previously saved wifi networks are not ticked to be used as hotspots; and turn off restrict background use of data on specific wifi networks.

Solution 6. Restart/Reconnect Account/Reinstall

Simply restart or even factory reset (if there is nothing you want to keep) your device may help, no matter for mobile phones, ipads, tablets, notebooks, laptops or desktops. Actually, many issues, not only this one, may be solved by restart.


  • Restart the Google Photos backup app.
  • Log your account out and log in again and retry. Or, switch to your other Google account and switch back to try again.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the very latest version of the app. Or, uninstall Google Photos updates and reinstall its old version. Anyhow, just install the version which works for you.


Solution 7. For Google Photos Backup Slow

It's due to your phone memory is very low not the cloud storage memory. Backing up needs to access and write data to phone and it cannot, so it gets stuck. Delete some cache and or apps and it will start automatically when necessary mem is available.

Solution 8. Release Backup Burden

There is a very brief popular that let you select to either re-upload pictures or to only upload new files/pictures. Close the browser and hit new files only on the pop up and you may able to clear the loop.

Solution 9. Keep Sufficient Power

Backup and sync may get turned off when the device is low on power or in low-power mode. Charge the device or turn off low-power mode, turn on backup and sync and the backing up numbers will start going up.

Solution 10. Ensure Enough Memory Space

When backing up photos from local device to Google cloud, Google Photos needs enough memory space to scan over all photos on source folder. Thus, enough free space is necessary. If your source local device is running out of space, it is hard for Google Photos to operate.

Solution 11. Manually Upload Photos/Videos

If all solutions above does not work for resolving Google Photos backup stuck problem, lastly, you can manually upload photos, pictures, videos or movies to Google cloud.

Google Photos Backup Alternative

If your Google photos backup not working still after trying all solutions above or maybe other suggestions provided by other people, then, you can turn to its alternative (third party app) for help.

MultCloud is an excellent alternative to Google photos backup or Google Backup and Sync. As an online multiple different cloud drives manager, it can not only put multiple clouds into one place; but also can help achieve cloud to cloud backup.

Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 cloud drives including Google Photos, Google Drive, G Suite, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, etc.

If you want to transfer photos from Google Drive to Google Photos. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Create one MultCloud account or you can sign in it directly with your Google account.
Step 2. Log in MultCloud and add Google Drive and Google Photos to MultCloud by clicking "Add Clouds" button.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Step 3. Move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos with "Cloud Transfer". Click on "Cloud Transfer", select directory under Google Drive as the source, select directory under Google Photos as the destination, click on "Transfer Now" and wait for the process to complete.

Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos
Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos

After the task creates, you can run it. As long as the task begins, you can close the page and even close your PC because MultCloud can transfer your pictures in the background.

In addition to "Cloud Transfer", MultCloud also has "Cloud Sync". If you want to sync Google Photos to Google Drive, you can make full use of it.

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