Step 1. Free Create MultCloud Account

Since MultCloud is an online program, therefore, to make use of it, first of all, we just need to sign up for its services instead of downloading and installing it on our local computers to occupy precious hard disk space.

Tips: Also because of this feature of MultCloud, it can be applied in all operating systems including Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS, Chrome and Android as well as all local devices like desktop, notebook, laptop, cellphone, iPad, etc. machines.

Step 2. Add Cloud Accounts to MultCloud for Moving Clouds

After successfully register to MultCloud services in a few clicks, we can continue to add related cloud accounts to its platform. Sign in the created MultCloud account, in its main user interface, go to “Add Clouds” tab on the top and select one cloud brand that is going to add and click “Next”. It will ask for our permission to give right to MultCloud to get access to the data in the adding cloud. Just allow its access to finish this process.


  • Don’t worry about the security of our cloud files. MultCloud promises not save any information about our cloud account and its storage.
  • Only one cloud account can be added in one process. To add more, just repeat the procedure.

Step 3. Moving Clouds Best Practice

When all involved cloud drives are added into MultCloud, we can start clouds migration. Enter “Cloud Transfer” tab, and specify source and destination clouds or just their directories. Finally, click “Transfer Now”.


  • We can do some advanced settings through the “Options” pop-up window in the lower left. For instance, whether to delete all source files after transfer or not; order email notification of task result or filter certain kinds of files to be or not to be transferred by their filename extensions.
  • We can also set up a schedule to automatically repeat this task sometime in the future for once, daily, weekly or monthly.
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