Do you need to use Google Drive with multiple accounts?

Google Drive provides 15GB of free online storage space that allows you to manage the files everywhere. Google Drive is free and easy to use, so it is largely used in business and personal needs. If you want to separate work from daily life, you may create one Google Drive for each purpose. If you want to save large amounts of data on Google Drive, you can register several Google Drive accounts and combine them together. For those who have multiple Google drive accounts, you may need to switch one account to another because the Google Drive desktop with multiple accounts is not work well. Fortunately, you can use a free web tool MultCloud to merge all your Google Drive. 

Access multiple Google Drive accounts with one login

MultCloud is a free cloud storage management, transfer, sharing and sync service. With MultCloud, you can easily access all your Google Drive accounts and other cloud drives in one place. What’s more, you can easily move or copy files across Google Drives. It provides 10TB free data traffic for transferring data across different cloud drive accounts, which is a lot for regular users. It allows you to share files from any cloud drive that is connected to MultCloud within the interface itself. It might be hard to looking for a specified file that you do not remember where it was saved when you have multiple cloud drives, MultCloud gives you the ability to search file or folder across all the connected Google Drives. The last but not least, it does not collect your personal information except the E-mail address required to register an account.

Easily manage files across many Google Drive accounts

For some important files, you probably want to save it in more than one cloud drive. As mentioned, MultCloud does a great job in file transfer on Google Drive across multiple users. You can select the file/folder and use the option “Copy” and “Paste” to duplicate files to another Google Drive.

You can also use the “Copy to” option to directly specify the destination location. If you check the “Move” option, then the original copy of the file will be removed. If you want to copy the file/folder to more than one location, you can check the “Multi-Selection” option.

For folder transfer, you can also use the Transfer Service. If you upgrade to Premum edition, then you can schedule a time to run the task automatically. This can also be used for sync Google Drive accounts. As you can see, MultCloud also supports many other cloud drives like Mega, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, SugarSync. Therefore, besides Google Drive multiple accounts, you can also connect multiple accounts from storage providers.


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