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AnsweredGoogle Drive or Google Photos: Which is Better?

I currently have photos in both Google Photos and Google Drive, and I am seeking a central location to store my photos securely, ensuring they are not lost, and allowing me to print or share them when needed. Additionally, I wish to free up space on my phone. So, what is the ideal choice for storing photos, Google Drive or Google Photos, and how do they differ?

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Now, we are going to make a comparison of Google Drive vs Google Photos from the 7 important aspects. You must find which one suits you better from this comparison.

  • Organization: Google Photos offers Original, High, and Express Quality for photos and videos. Original maintains quality, while High and Express compress data. Google Drive uploads in original quality, allowing manual reduction before upload.
  • Photos Quality: Google Photos has Original, High, and Express Quality options. Original preserves quality, while High and Express compress images and videos. Google Drive uploads files in original quality but you can manually make reductions.
  • Storage Limit: Google provides 15GB of free space shared among Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Whether you upload photos to Google Drive or Google Photos, the photos take over 15GB of storage while High-Quality mode no longer offers free storage.
  • Sharing: Both Google Drive and Google Photos allow link-sharing and collaboration. However, Google Photos has Partner Account to automatically share specific people's or date-based photos with partners.
  • Search: Google Photos has an AI-powered search for photos and videos by name, content, color, objects, scenes, and facial recognition. Google Drive lacks AI-driven search.
  • Photos Editor: Google Photos has an integrated photo and video editor with cropping, rotating, collages, filters, Magic Eraser, movies, and animations. Google Drive lacks this feature.
  • Photos Scan: Google Drive has a built-in scanner for documents and photos, accessible through the Add (+) button. Google Photos requires a separate app for scanning photos.


You can see from the which is better Google Drive vs Google Photos comparison that, if you only want to find a cloud to save photos, both Google Drive and Google Photos can make it. However, if you want to manage your photos in a more efficient way, Google Photos will be a better choice.

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