• Dropbox is a network storage online application offering syncing local file. It supports automatic sync among multiple computers, and can be used as network hard disk. Dropbox gives every new registry user with 2GB free space, and then, users should pay for exceeding storage space monthly. You can transfer data on Dropbox to Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex, Baidu, MyDrive, Hidrive, MEGA, etc with MultCloud, also, you can backup and sync data on Dropbox to other clouds.

  • Sync function

    It supports to sync documents, files, and IE Favorites.

  • Backup function

    It can achieve virtual host backup and website automatic backup.

  • Platforms support

    Dropbox is a only platform supporting Linux and Blackberry smart phone.

  • Share picture and video

    Dropbox allows users to check picture online and share its link to families and friends.

Enjoy more functions of Dropbox in Multcloud

MultCloud is a free Cloud web application that manages multiple Clouds and transfers data. In MultCloud, You can make full use of Cloud space, and expand more functions of Dropbox. If you want to enjoy these functions, please sign in or sign up MultCloud.

  • Move files across Clouds

    MultCloud allows you to move, backup and sync files from Dropbox to Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex, Baidu, MyDrive, Hidrive, MEGA, etc

  • Transfer data after shuting down

    MultCloud still transfer data at backstage after shutting down computer or close browser. You only need to Copy and Paste, then MultCloud server will achieve everything for you.

  • Scheduled transfer

    MultCloud allow you to set fix time to transfer files from one Cloud to other Cloud. You can use this function to backup and sync data from Dropbox to others, or from others to Dropbox.

     If you want to transfer, backup and sync data among different Clouds, Register to enjoy it