• Baidu Cloud is a kind of cloud service offered by Baidu company, China. You can get 15GB free capacity when you register for the first time, and if you do some tasks, you can get 2 TB free cloud storage space on Baidu Pan. Now, it has developed Web, Windows client, Android mobile client, ipad client, and WP client, etc. you can upload your files to Baidu Clouds easily, and acess to them in any above ways. MultCloud can help you transfer data or files on other clouds such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex, SugarSync, MyDrive, etc to Baidu directly. It offers larger storage space than other clouds.

  • High capacity storage

    50GB free capacity to new registry users, and subsequently you can get more space that more than 1TB.

  • Offline download

    You just need to input file link, and Server will download file to your network automatically.

  • Mutual transfer

    You can transfer movie, music, documents,etc among multiple mobile devices. The speed is faster than blue tooth.

New functions of Baidu in MultCloud

MultCloud is a free Cloud online application that manages multiple Clouds and transfers data across data. You can backup, sync data in Baidu to other clouds with MultCloud, or vice verse. Please sign up to enjoy it .

  • Move files across Clouds

    In MultCloud, you can be easy to move data and files among Clouds, and you don’t need to download file from one Cloud, and then upload it to other Cloud.

  • Transfer data after shuting down

    When you shut down computer, in MuCloud, data and files are still transferred from Baidu to other Clouds, such as Google Drive, One Drive,etc.

  • Scheduled transfer

    MultCloud can help Baidu Cloud to transfer data and files at a fixed time point.

     If you want to transfer, backup and sync data among different Clouds, Register to enjoy it