If your OneDrive storage gets full, it can cause some issues with syncing and file uploads. Here's what happens when your OneDrive is full:

1. Syncing stops: When your OneDrive reaches its storage limit, it will stop syncing new files from your devices to the cloud. So, any new files you create or modify might not get uploaded until you free up some space.

2. File uploads fail: If you try to upload new files to OneDrive, the upload process will fail, and you might see error messages stating that there's not enough space.

3. Read-only access: While you won't lose your existing files, you might be limited to read-only access. This means you can still view and download files from OneDrive, but you won't be able to create, modify, or upload new files until you make some space.

4. Grace period: Microsoft typically provides a grace period after your OneDrive is full, during which you can still access and remove files. But if you don't free up space during this period, your account might be locked until you make room or upgrade your storage plan.

To avoid running into these issues, consider managing your OneDrive storage by deleting unnecessary files or upgrading to a larger storage plan if needed. Also, you can check your available storage space by visiting the OneDrive website or using the OneDrive app on your Windows 10 laptop.

Or, if you have other cloud accounts (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3) with sufficient storage space, you can try to move files or folders from OneDrive to those accounts.

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