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AnsweredWhat is the Difference Between Google My Drive And Shared With Me?

Hey there! I'm a bit confused about Google Drive. What's the diff between "My Drive" and "Shared with Me" in Google Drive? Like, where do my files go and what can I see in each? I'm using Google Drive on my Android phone, if that makes a diff. Appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Sure thing! What’s the difference between Google My Drive and Shared with Me? See below in Google Drive:

"My Drive":

  • Your personal storage space in Google Drive.
  • All files you create or upload reside here.
  • You can organize, edit, and delete files in "My Drive".
  • It take up space on your Google Drive account.


"Shared with Me":

  • This section displays files that others have shared with you.
  • You can't directly edit or move these files unless they are added to "My Drive".
  • If the original owner revokes access, the files will disappear from "Shared with Me".
  • It does not take up space on your Google Drive storage.


On Android, the functionality remains the same.

So, to summarize, "My Drive" contains your own files, while "Shared with Me" shows files others have shared with you. You have more control over the files in "My Drive", but not in the "Shared with Me" section.

Besides, you might have "Shared Drive", A "Shared Drive" is a special type of shared folder in Google Drive, designed for collaborative work within organizations or teams.

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