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AnsweredHow to Share Google Drive Link from Mobile

Hey folks! Quick question – I'm using an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S21) and wanna share a Google Drive link. How do I do that without pullin' my hair out?

Best Answered by Haru September 21, 2023

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No worries! Sharing Google Drive links from your Android phone is a breeze. Here's how do I send a Google Drive link from my phone:

Step 1: Launch the Google Drive app on your Samsung Galaxy S21.

Step 2: Tap and hold the file or folder you want to share. A checkmark will appear.

Step 3: In the top-right corner, tap the three vertical dots for more options.

Step 4: From the dropdown, select "Share". A sharing window will pop up.

Step 5: You can choose contacts from your list or enter email addresses manually.

Step 6: Choose "Viewer," "Commenter," or "Editor" access for recipients. You can write a message to accompany the link if needed.

Step 7: Click the send icon, and the link will be shared via email or messaging apps.

No matter what phone you use, you can use the built-in Share feature to send files with others easily. However, this feature might be not that helpful when you have a large number of files to share. So, how do I send a Google Drive link to someone in this situation? That is to utilize a reliable web-based third-party service – MultCloud.

This service helps you share large files on Google Drive seamlessly. On top of Google Drive, it also supports other excellent cloud services, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Flickr, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Google Photos, SharePoint, MEGA, and so on. If you are using those cloud drives, you can access and manage them together on MultCloud from different devices.

MultCloud- Access & Manage All Clouds Easily in One Platform

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Sing Up Free

After signing up MultCloud, you can take the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the left menu, hit the Add Cloud tab, then press the icon of Google Drive to add.

Step 2: Head to Google Drive, locate the data you want to share, and right-click to select the Share option.

Step 3: If you have large numbers of files to share, hit the Share with MultCloud option. MultCloud offers 3 types of sharing, such as Source Share, Private Share, and Public Share. You can choose the one that suits you most.

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