Not only transfer across clouds, but also manage all cloud drives. Free of charge all the way.

Best Free Cloud Transfer and Sync Manager

  • Worry about insufficient space in the cloud drive?
  • Wanna manage multiple cloud disks easily?
  • Wanna replace the cloud storage service with another one?
  • Wanna transfer data from cloud to cloud directly to save time?

You need professional cloud manager

  • Connect all your cloud drives to manage them by logging in at once.
  • Transfer or sync files from cloud to cloud automatically.
  • Merge the free space of multiple cloud disks to form a larger free cloud disk.

Enterprise-Class Multi-Cloud Management Platform

Manage all your cloud service accounts on one platform.

Cloud to Cloud Transfer

Directly transfer folders in one cloud to another cloud, or transfer the entire cloud disk data to another cloud without downloading and uploading. The transfer process will continue even if the device or browser is closed since the transfer process runs on MultCloud server.

Cloud to Cloud Sync

8 custom sync options available! Directly synchronize data across cloud disks, including one-way sync and two-way sync. Schedule automatic cloud sync at a specific time or at regular intervals, no matter what changes to your data can be synchronized to another cloud disk.

Cloud Explorer

Integrate all your clouds into MultCloud, accessing and managing all online files in the cloud with one login. Support to allocate the free space of cloud drive accounts by moving files between cloud storage service.

Convenient to Check Progress

View all cloud file transfer or sync tasks in the task management interface. MultCloud can be used as an extension of Google Chrome, so that you can quickly check the progress of the task on any browser interface every time.

Your Data: Safe All the Time

MultCloud strives to ensure the security of your account and your privacy from three aspects.

Why Choose MultCloud?

With Industry-Leading Speed
MultCloud has a rocket-like transfer speed, leading the industry's cloud services, and tens of petabytes of files can be transmitted within a few weeks, not months, to ensure that your transfer and sync tasks are completed quickly and smoothly.
High Transfer and Sync Success Rate
Thanks to MultCloud's powerful functions and stable security, more and more users have completed cloud to cloud sync and transfer. MultCloud uses multi-server parallel transmission technology to increase the success rate by 200%.
Professional Cloud Management
Founded in 2013, MultCloud has focused on manage multiple cloud services for more than 7 years and has extensive experience in cloud transfer and sync. Now supports all leading cloud storage providers, has reached 30+.

Awards & Testimonials

We have been deeply involved in the data security industry for 10 years. Now we have more than 30 million users and get many industry awards from media and users

Thankfully, services like MultCloud are now available to help us preserve and organize valuable files within our online messes. The multiple cloud storage manager brings together more than 30 of the most popular online drives under one virtual roof and allows for seamless cloud data transfer.

Brian Eriksen

No more logins and download/upload things once you have MultCloud. And all the operations are so easy-to-use. This Web service is really helpful for group users to share stuff on multiple cloud services.

MultCloud - Best Multi-Cloud Management Expert

One login makes it easier to manage and transfer files between all your cloud storage services.

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