Have you ever thought about "Why isn't my iCloud accepting emails?"? Common problems that can make you feel angry and disinterested. Fear not, fellow Mac users! This post explores the basic causes of iCloud email problems and provides solutions that can help you start over with a full inbox.

iCloud Email Not Receiving Messages
iCloud Email Not Receiving Messages

Why Isn't My iCloud Accepting Emails?

The "iCloud Email not working" problem has many causes. Let's take a look at the most common culprits.

1. Disable iCloud Email: This might seem obvious but often the simplest explanations are easy to ignore. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud to check if Changing "Email" is enabled.

2. Problems with Internet Connection: Email functionality requires a stable Internet connection. Make sure your smartphone is not in airplane mode and check your Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

3. Adequate iCloud Storage: When iCloud storage reaches the limit, email performance may be affected. To save space, you can either remove outdated emails and files or move them somewhere else.

4. Old Software: Old versions of macOS or iOS may have issues when attempting to use iCloud services. Go to Settings > General > Software Update (iPhone / iPad) or System Preferences > Software update (Mac) to update your device's software.

5. Invalid Email Settings: Make sure there aren't errors or incorrect server details through iCloud email settings. For this setting, see Settings > Email > Account (iPhone/iPad) or Email > Preferences > Account (Mac).

6. Email Discovery Settings: Your device may not be set to automatically explore new emails. Choose Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data and select “Push” for your iCloud account. On your Mac, select the iCloud account as Mail > Preferences > Accounts. In “Advanced,” change the frequency of "Check for new email"

7. Temporary Server Issues: Not common, but the iCloud servers may encounter simple issues. Please visit Apple's System Status page at to determine if an outage has been reported.

After deciding who can be responsible for "iCloud not receiving emails on iPhone" or other issues, let us start fixing it!

8 Solutions to Help You Use iCloud Email in a Hurry

1. Restart your Device: Often a quick restart will fix temporary problems and restore connectivity to iCloud services.

2. Sign Out and Sign Back In to iCloud: Establishing a secure connection between your device and iCloud is easy. Go to Settings > [your name], then select Sign Out. Then, log in again using your password and Apple ID.

3. Reset Network Settings: Sometimes there may be issues with your reliability customizations that prevent your email from working properly. Resetting networking may fix the problem, but keep in mind that doing so may delete your saved Wi-Fi passwords. So do it carefully (Settings > Reset > General > Reset Network Settings).

4. Remove and Add a New iCloud Account: This more serious solution may cause more problems with your configuration. Choose Settings > Mail > Accounts, then click "Delete Account" and follow the onscreen instructions. Add your iCloud account again.

5. Check Email Forwarding: Check if email transport is not opening or is configured incorrectly. You can check it in Settings > Mail > Accounts > [your iCloud account] > Forwarding.

6. Find Your Lost Emails: Instead of losing your mail completely, you may lose track of its location. Use the search box in Mail app to search for emails by entering keywords.

7. Get in Touch with Apple Support: It's advised to get in touch with Apple Support if these fixes don't work. They are able to conduct a complete investigation and offer more expert support.

8. Explore Other Email Clients: While it's not the ideal choice, you can attempt to access your iCloud email by using a different email client, such as Gmail or Outlook. But be aware that functionality could vary greatly from the email app's basic edition.


Managing “iCloud Email can’t sync emails” and other iCloud email problems requires patience and smart thinking. By following these methods and understanding the possible causes, you can quickly restore the functionality of your emails!

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