Many Dropbox users who want to better organize their digital workspace tend to rename their files and folders. If you're already wondering if you can change the name, find out why customers want to change their Dropbox fold names. Take a look at how this process goes smoothly.

Rename Dropbox Folder
Rename Dropbox Folder

Why does the Dropbox folder change its name?

Let's look at some important reasons before changing the name. Here are 7 effective suggestions to ensure that the folder name is in good condition.

  • Advanced Organization: The cornerstone of a well-organized Dropbox is clear, descriptive folder names. Changing the name allows you to find what you're looking for faster and saves you valuable time and trouble.
  • Better Collaboration: When your name is consistent with your content, it's fun to share Dropbox folders with your co-workers or clients. Clear folder names promote smooth collaboration.
  • Neat Process: You can optimize the process to name your folders correctly. You don't have to waste time looking for files or tracking down their addresses. It's a quick thought mentally that helps you stay focused and productive.
  • Reduce Stress: An inadequate storage system can cause stress. We face it. Uncertainty constantly leads to confusing folder names. Renaming creates a peaceful, organized environment that relieves tension and supports mental health.
  • Explicit Version Control: As you use version control for your files more often, explicit folders become more important. It ensures that you can quickly and easily recognize the correct version you are looking for and saves you time and confusion.
  • Updating Files for the Future: Imagine returning to Dropbox after a few years. Are common names for folders meaningful? Renaming it in the future will help you avoid the headache of messy name resolution and help you easily access your files even over long periods.

How to Rename Dropbox Folder

Now you are convinced of the advantages of changing your name, so let us begin! Here are three useful ways to deal with the need to rename your Dropbox folder.

Way 1: Change Your Name Using the Dropbox Website

This method is best for people who are comfortable using computers. Here's how to change the Dropbox folder name online:

Step 1: Visit this website: and log in.

Step 2: Select “Files” from the left bar to access your Dropbox storage.

Step 3: Find the folder that needs to be renamed.

Step 4: Move the mouse indicator over the folder name until three dots appear. When a menu appears, select “Rename” from the list of options.

Step 5: Enter a new name for the selected folder. Don't forget to be exact. Short and descriptive.

Step 6: Click “Picture” to complete the name change process.

Tip: Avoid using special characters in folder names because they may cause device compatibility issues.

Way 2: Rename Using the Dropbox Mobile App

Here are the steps on how to rename the Dropbox folders using your mobile device.

Step 1: Launch the Dropbox application on your tablet or phone.

Step 2: Find the folder that needs to be renamed.

Step 3: Hold the folder name until a menu appears and select “Rename” from the menu.

Step 4: Give the folder a new descriptive and understandable name and press “Save” to confirm the renaming process.

Way 3: Rename the Shared Folder

The procedure for shared folders is slightly different. Here are the steps to change the name of a Dropbox folder shared with another user:

Step 1: To access the shared folder that you want to rename, follow steps 1-3 in Solution 1.

Step 2: Click the "Share" icon near the folder name (it resembles a rectangle with an upward arrow).

Step 3: To view the folder's settings, click the gear icon in the menu that appears.

Step 4: Unfortunately, you cannot change the name directly through the shared folder settings. This is one alternative: press "Unshare folder"

Step 5: You will receive an email to confirm this. Click on "Share" to continue. This is only to remove other people's shared permissions. It does not destroy the folder or everything in it.

Step 6: Now the folder is no longer shared. Follow steps 4-7 in Solution 1 to rename it using the desktop website.

Step 7: It's time to share the folder with your colleagues again after renaming it. Go back to the postcard and select “Share” again.

Step 8: Share the folder by entering the recipient's email address. From here you can also change their access permissions. (edit access or view only).

Step 9: Click “Share” to complete the steps. Avoid misunderstandings. Don't forget to inform your colleagues of the changed folder name.

Bonus Tip

Give your plans a consistent name in your Dropbox folder. You can use a project name with the date or a client name with the project type, or a combination of the two. When you are in tune with it, it will be much easier to find what you need later.


You will become an expert at renaming Dropbox folders using these methods and paying attention to these useful tips! Take responsibility to give your files a new name and enjoy a more structured digital workspace.

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