Dropbox users may see that their computer's storage capacity is rapidly being exceeded by data stored in the cloud. If you still require access to these files online, you might wish to keep them in Dropbox rather than removing them totally. When this happens, erasing Dropbox data from your PC is often the best course of action. You will be guided step-by-step by this tutorial.

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How to delete Dropbox files from only your computer?

You can remove the locally stored copies of your files by the Selective Sync feature. This will help you free up storage and make room for new files. This works if you mostly use Dropbox web to store files for everyday use and your computer doesn't have enough space for all of your Dropbox files, this feature might come in handy.

Step 1: First, open the Dropbox application on your computer. Then click the Dropbox icon in the system tray or menu bar and select "Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: In the Preferences window, select the "Sync" tab.

Step 3: Under the Sync tab, you will see an option called "Selective Sync." Click the "Change settings" button next to it.

Step 4: A window will appear showing all the folders in your Dropbox. Delete only the folders you want to remove from your computer. This prevents these folders from syncing to your computer, but keeps them online in your Dropbox account.

Step 5: Once you have unlocked the folders you want to delete, click the "Update" or "Apply" button to save your changes. Dropbox deletes the selected folders from your computer, but they can still be accessed from the DropBox website or other devices.

FAQs about Removing Dropbox Files from Computer Only

1: Possible to delete Dropbox files from my PC without also deleting them from the cloud?

The answer is yes. You are able to delete files from your personal computer while still storing them in the cloud if you make use of the Selective Sync function that Dropbox provides.

2: When I delete files from Dropbox from my PC, would this have an impact on the cloud storage I have?

The local storage on your device is the only thing that will be affected when you delete files from your PC. By storing them in the cloud, your files will be protected.

3: How do I free up space on my computer without removing files from Dropbox?

If you use Selective Sync to delete files from your computer while retaining them in Dropbox, you will be able to free up space on your PC.

4: To what extent is it possible to reverse the deletion of Dropbox files from my computer?

Yes, you are able to re-enable synchronization for any folder in Dropbox by returning to the settings for Selective Sync and ticking the box that is located next to the folder that you wish to sync.

5: Is it safe to delete Dropbox files from my computer alone?

Indeed, it is risk-free. Only the local copy of the files is affected when you delete them from your computer; the files will continue to be accessible through your Dropbox account even after you delete them.

Final Thoughts

Removing Dropbox files saved on your computer is a simple and effective way to clear up local storage without affecting file access. Dropbox's Selective Sync lets you choose which folders to sync to your PC and which to store in the cloud. Simply uncheck any files or folders you don't want to be synced to your computer. Dropbox will delete them from your computer and not sync over any future changes to them. These files will still be in your Dropbox, however, meaning you can find them using the web or mobile version of Dropbox.

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