I Forgot My iCloud Password, Please Help!

Are you forgetting your iCloud Password and can't access your photos, videos, or other files from your device? The setbacks and pain that accompany this situation are very real. But don't be afraid! We will walk you through the iCloud password recovery options via the step-by-step guide in this complete manual. But before that, there are some reasons why you should restore the password for iCloud.


Why iCloud Password Recovery Matters

You have to recover iCloud Password for security because of the following reasons:

  • Loss Access to Precious Data: Your iCloud account contains valuable data such as photos, videos, and documents that you may need to access urgently.
  • Communication Disruption: Losing access to your iCloud account means losing access to important emails and messages, which can disrupt communication with friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Device Loss Protection: Device protection in iCloud is crucial for saving information on the device. If you are unable to access your iCloud account, you may lose the ability to recover devices from backups.
  • Can’t Use Apps and These Subscriptions: App purchases and subscriptions connect to your iCloud account. Losing access means losing access to these purchases and subscriptions.

3 Solutions for iCloud Password Recovery

Now let's look for effective ways to help you regain access to your iCloud account. Below are 3 quick solutions for recovering your iCloud Password, and different step-by-step instructions to recover iCloud Password without security questions, with/without email, etc. Let’s get started on recovering.

Solution 1. Reset iCloud Password via Email

If you can still access to your email address associated with your iCloud account but just forgot your iCloud password, resetting your password with email is a straightforward solution. Follow these steps to start the password reset process:

1. Go to the iCloud website and click on the "Forgot Apple ID or Password" link.

2. Enter your Apple ID, which is usually your email address, and click "Continue".

3. Select the option to reset your password via email, and Apple will send instructions to your email address.

4. Check your email inbox for instructions on resetting your iCloud password. Follow the provided link and enter a new password when prompted.

Solution 2. Answer Security Questions

If you have set security issues for your iCloud account, you can use them to reset your password with security questions. How is this:

1. Head to the iCloud website, log in and click on the "I Lost My Apple ID or Apple Password" link. 

2. Enter your Apple ID and select "Continue". 

3. Answer security questions and provide answers to the previously set questions.

4. Once you have successfully answered the security question with the correct answer, they will ask you to reset your iCloud password.

Tip: Make sure to remember the correct answers to security questions. If you are unsure, try to remember any important information that may refresh your memory.

Solution 3: Contact Apple Support

If you are unable to recover your password from iCloud using the above methods, please do not worry. You can always contact Apple support for support. How is this:

1. Go to the Apple support website and click the iCloud section. 

2. Choose the Assistance Contact option and select the appropriate contact method, such as phone, chat, or email. 

3. Explain to the attendance representative that you have forgotten your iCloud password and want to recover iCloud Password without email, or security questions. 

4. Follow the instructions of the assistant representative to verify your identity and start the password recovery process.

FAQs about Recovery iCloud Password

Q: Can I recover my iCloud Password if I've forgotten?

A: Absolutely! Apple provides some ways to recover your iCloud Password as long as you remember the email address. The first option is to go to the iCloud website and follow the prompts for password recovery. Another one is to use the "Forgot Apple ID or Password" feature to start the recovery process if you have access to another trusted device linked to your iCloud account.

Q: What if I can’t access to the email address associated with my iCloud account?

A: There are alternative methods for resetting your iCloud password even if you no longer have access to the associated email address. Answer security questions or use two-factor authentication can verify your identity and reset your password.

Q: Will resetting my iCloud password affect my device backups or other iCloud services?

A: Resetting your iCloud password should not impact your device backups or other iCloud services.

Q: Can I change my iCloud password to something more memorable?

A: Absolutely! Once you've regained access to your iCloud account, you can change your password to something more memorable in the iCloud settings on your device or on the iCloud website. Just be sure to choose a password that is secure and not easily guessable to keep your files safe.


In a nutshell, you can find ways to recover iCloud Password if you have forgot your iCloud Password and are unable to access your precious iCloud files. Just find the best way for you to reset iCloud Password with or without email according to your different situations. You can successfully recover your iCloud password and regain access to your account.

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