OneDrive is a cloud storage service designed by Microsoft. It has a variety of plans and structures that offer different amounts of storage and functionality. Understanding the advantages of free storage options in OneDrive is important no matter how often you use cloud storage for your work or regardless of the occasion. This post explores the topic of free storage in OneDrive and looks at how to make the most of it. You can evaluate various upgrade plans to determine the most suitable option.

How Much Free Storage on OneDrive
How Much Free Storage on OneDrive

Understand OneDrive's Free Storage Features

Microsoft OneDrive provides 5GB of free storage space. This storage will include files in OneDrive as well as attachments from emails sent using and files sent from Microsoft 365 apps. When you manage your OneDrive space, it's important to have a comprehensive view of its usage.

  • Free OneDrive storage: 5 GB (encompasses OneDrive files, attachments, and Microsoft 365 app files).
  • Separate email storage: 15 GB (not included in the 5 GB OneDrive limit).

Maximizing Free OneDrive Storage: Helpful Tips

Although 5 GB may seem like a good starting point, it can be quickly filled up with large photo libraries or document archives. Here are some useful ways to increase the amount of free OneDrive storage space.

  • Use image optimization: High-resolution images are known to take up a lot of space. Use the integrated camera upload function in OneDrive to update your images in quality "optimized". This helps reduce file size significantly without giving up image clarity.
  • Use strategic cleaning methods: Delete old notes, dirty photos, and unwanted copies that were produced over time. Regular deleting can greatly increase the amount of useful free storage space.
  • Benefits of “Files On-demand”: This smart feature lets you access all your OneDrive files without downloading them to your computer first. This feature preserves the ability to access your files while freeing up a lot of local storage space.
  • Manage attachments in If your old emails have a large number of attachments, consider deleting them over time or saving them locally if you do need them. Please keep in mind that your Outlook email storage space is limited to 15GB.

Checking OneDrive Upgrade Options

If you're close to the limit of free storage in OneDrive and need more space, don't worry! Microsoft offers a variety of premium plans to meet a variety of storage needs. Now let's explore the possibilities:

  • Microsoft 365 Personal: This plan includes 1TB (1000GB) of OneDrive storage, as well as access to full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. Great for those who need a lot of storage.
  • Microsoft 365 Family: Ideal for families with varying cloud storage needs. This family-focused plan is 6 TB with shared storage. You can also share your subscription with up to 5 other users. Each user gets access to the Microsoft apps and 1TB of storage mentioned above.


Are there any deals that give you extra storage space on OneDrive?

A: Sometimes OneDrive offers temporary promotions that add free storage space. Additionally, referrals and special events may offer opportunities to add storage for free or at a low price.

Can my family members access my OneDrive storage?

A Microsoft 365 family subscription lets you share OneDrive storage for up to six family members. Sharing is best in a household as each member has their own storage space.

Can I add OneDrive storage without a Microsoft 365 subscription?

A: Of course, you can purchase additional storage space in OneDrive using your Microsoft 365 subscription. This method also allows you to add storage without purchasing the full Office suite.

What happens when I use up all my storage space on OneDrive?

A: If you exceed your OneDrive storage limit, you won't be able to upload new files until you make space or upgrade your storage plan. Access to existing files may be restricted until the issue is resolved.

Are there any OneDrive promotions or discounts for additional storage space?

A: OneDrive usually has promotions that briefly add free storage space. Additionally, referrals and special opportunities can give you the chance to add to your story at no cost or a low rate.

Can family members access OneDrive storage?

A: If you have a Microsoft 365 family membership, you can share your OneDrive storage with up to six family members. Each member has their own storage, making it perfect for sharing at home.


Effective data management requires knowing how much free storage space you have in OneDrive and how to make full use of it. By exploring the available options, you can optimize your OneDrive usage performance while respecting your storage space limitations. Research the choices available to you, including subscription plans and promotional offers. It can meet the needs and functions of different users, no matter how often you use cloud storage for personal or business. Get the most out of OneDrive and ensure seamless file management!

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