Why Transfer MEGA to Dropbox?

Migrate MEGA to Dropbox
Migrate MEGA to Dropbox
  • Gain Better Collaboration

Compared to MEGA, Dropbox assembles both Microsoft Office and Google Docs well. You are allowed to work on a Word or Google Docs file. In this way, you could collaborate on the file with other Dropbox users and save the changes without leaving your Dropbox account. Therefore, it’s better for you to transfer MEGA files to Dropbox to gain better collaboration with your team.

  • Manage Files through Clouds

In view of the fact that MEGA offers you 20 GB free storage with great privacy, while Dropbox only provides 2 GB free storage to you but with better team collaboration, you are very likely to store your private files in MEGA and use Dropbox for work. So, there is no doubt that you could manage personal files and work files better through your cloud drives after learning how to transfer files from MEGA to Dropbox.

Directly Transfer MEGA to Dropbox via MultCloud (Online Operation)

Apart from the traditional way about how to migrate files from MEGA to another which wastes your valuable time and effort, it would be best if you could try to transfer from MEGA to Dropbox fast and free through a great third-party cloud file manager, MultCloud. MultCloud aims to help you transfer and manage your multiple cloud files with one app.

You could use Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Cloud Backup to get better file arrangement among all your clouds through a single interface. You could also achieve basic file management functions like Upload, Download, Copy, Delete, Cut, Rename, Preview, Share, Remote Upload, and email to PDF conversion through MultCloud.

In other words, you can directly transfer, sync, or back up files from MEGA to other of your clouds in one interface instead of downloading and uploading.

Method 1: Transfer MEGA to Dropbox by Cloud Transfer

Step 1: Sign up for MultCloud

Create a MultCloud account with your name and email.

Step 2: Add MEGA and Dropbox to MultCloud

Click "+Add Cloud" under the "My Cloud Drives" list. Choose the MEGA icon at the right. Then follow the pop-up window to allow MultCloud to access your MEGA account. You can add your Dropbox account to MultCloud as well.

Add MEGA and Dropbox to MultCloud
Add MEGA and Dropbox to MultCloud


  • You could repeat step 2 to add as many clouds as you have to MultCloud. Because MultCloud supports more than 30 major cloud drive services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Mediafire, etc.
  • Please feel free to add your clouds to MultCloud. It uses the OAuth authorization system which is supported by major clouds like Google Drive and Dropbox to access your cloud drives without recording the corresponding username and password.

Step 3: Create a Cloud Transfer Task to Transfer MEGA to Dropbox

Switch to the “Cloud Transfer” interface from the “Common Tools” menu. Click the left blank square to select the files, folders, or the whole MEGA cloud to transfer from. And click the right square to select the folder in Dropbox or just Dropbox to receive your transfer.

Transfer MEGA to Dropbox through MultCloud
Transfer MEGA to Dropbox through MultCloud

Step 4: Start the Cloud Transfer Task

Click the purple button "Transfer Now" in the lower right corner. Then you could wait for the transfer task to be done in the “Task List”, or just straightly shut down the browser window since the transfer task is run by the background of MultCloud but not your device.

Task List in MultCloud
Task List in MultCloud


  • You can let MultCloud send an email notification to you when the transfer task is completed.
  • MultCloud allows you to set daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled cloud file transfer by clicking the “Schedule” button.
  • As a free user of MultCloud, you have 5 GB traffic per month and 2 threads for data transfer. But as soon as subscribe MultCloud to a higher level, you can get more traffic per month or even unlimited traffic. What’s more, you will get greatly increased transfer speed with 10 threads.
  • There are some additional options for you to manage the files associated with the transfer task such as deleting all source files after the transfer is completed or keeping the file modification date.

Method 2: Copy from MEGA to Dropbox by "Copy to"

Step 1:Select Data in MEGA to Copy

Choose MEGA under the “My Cloud Drives” list. Tick the boxes in front of the files or folders you want to transfer. Then click “Copy to” in the feature bar above.

Step 2: Choose Dropbox to Paste to

Choose the destination in the pop-ups to transfer MEGA files to Dropbox. Click the purple button “OK” and the "Caopy to" task is completed.

Copy MEGA to Dropbox
Copy MEGA to Dropbox

Tips: MultCloud will show you a pop-up window about the detailed progress of the transfer task.

Progress Window of MultCloud
Progress Window of MultCloud

Transfer MEGA to Dropbox via Traditional Way (Manually Download & Upload)

As you might have guessed, the old way to transfer MEGA files to Dropbox is definitely by downloading and uploading. Firstly, download the target files from the MEGA drive to your computer's local storage, and then re-upload them to Dropbox manually.

Step 1: Sign in MEGA in your browser window.

Step 2: Right-click on the file you want to transfer from MEGA. Then choose “Standard Download” or “Download as ZIP” in the dropdown menu. 

Download Files and Folders from MEGA
Download Files and Folders from MEGA

Tips: If you want to transfer more files or a whole MEGA account to Dropbox, you’d better create a new folder in MEGA and move all the files to the folder before downloading.

Step 3: Switch to Dropbox and sign in.

Step 4: You could click “Upload” and locate the files or folders in your computer or simply drag and drop files or folders from your computer to the Dropbox interface.

Upload Files and Folders to Dropbox
Upload Files and Folders to Dropbox

This method is quite easy to understand and operate. However, it accompanies a few shortcomings too. One of the most disturbing is that this method will take a lot of time if the data is enormous, as it happens in most cases.


After looking through the methods about how to transfer MEGA to Dropbox, it is obvious that using MultCloud to achieve the transfer is much easier for you no matter through "Cloud Transfer" or "Copy to". Anyway, it’s all up to you to choose the way to transfer from MEGA to Dropbox.

In addition, you could manage your cloud drives through MultCloud with another function, Cloud Sync. This function not only allows you to transfer files from MEGA to Dropbox, but also helps you to sync MEGA and Dropbox so as to back up your MEGA in the simplest way.

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