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AnsweredHow Long Does Google Takeout Take?

How long will it take to download a 10GB Google Takeout?

I estimate my data to be around 9GB, but I'm rounding up for simplicity.

I need to archive my old school stuff due to Google's policy change on school accounts.

Google mentions that the download time can vary from minutes to days based on file size, which isn't very specific. If anyone has personal experience, can you share if it usually finishes within a few hours or if it takes days?

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How long does Google Takeout take 100GB? It typically takes less than a day, and it also depends on your Internet connection, and file size, just wait patiently.

The download process typically shouldn't exceed a day, but the exact duration relies heavily on network speed. While downloading is generally straightforward, the time required may vary depending on your internet connection. Faster internet speeds will result in quicker downloads, while slower connections may take longer.

How long does Google Takeout transfer take? From some feedback, Google Takeout takes less than a day while transferring about 150GB of data, typically 6 to 10 hours. But if you have a good Internet connection, you can take about an hour to transfer 170GB.

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