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  1. Some of my classmates recommend me an APP to gain corresponding permissions for homework sharing across cloud drives.

    What a fantastic resource it is , to my surprise, Multcloud not only can permit File Shareing among disparate accounts provided by different service providers but also unexpectedly combined my 3 Dropbox accounts into a single one, now i have free access to supervise the files and docs of all three accounts simultaneously!
  2. Adam

    Gerente de Comércio Eletrônico

    MultCloud could be quite cool. I am eCommerce manager from NYC.

    In the past, if I want to move files from DropBox to Box.net, the files have to download from DropBox and then uploaded to Box.net. For large or numerous files, this is inconvenient and time-consuming.

    Copying a file or folder between services is as easy as drag-and-drop: I clicked a folder in my Dropbox and copy it over to my Box.net account. The transfer was not instantaneous, but it was smooth.

    MultCloud shows a progress bar in the bottom-right corner explaining what is going on, and at the end of the process, I had a copy of the same folder in my Box.net account.
  3. Usually I am very critical about product, but yours just does what I need.

    n China it is very good that I can let two servers communicate with each other so the speed does not depend on my connection.

    So great thank you, super tool!
  4. For landscape shots, it’s essential to travel all over the world frequently. For fear of losing my pictures, I usually keep all my photographs in my Google Drive cloud account. For years, I’ve fed up with sending my works to my company via email every night.

    Thank heaven that I encountered Multcloud three weeks ago, after registering, I made a copy of all my Pictures that have been stored in My Google Drive to my company’s Dropbox by the use of Multcloud’s File Transfer function.

    By doing so, all the pictures could be found and used by my company as soon as my copy request had been finished, what’s more, as described by its introduction, my whole copy and transfer operation was accomplished online without the tedious need of downloading to local. Since then, I do not bother to send email any more.

    Thank you Multcloud, thanks for every advantage I’ve taken from you.
  5. Allow me, first of all, to thank Multcloud all from the bottom of my heart for the permission to do File sharing between Onedrive and Google Drive.

    I work as a salesman and consequently I spent 3 days every week in the suburbs. I applied for two cloud accounts respectively on Onedrive and Google Drive, one for me and another for my wife.

    I do this because i knew that i could ask my wife to add some urgent documents to her Google drive from my desktop when i was not at home, with the help of Multcloud, i can log in my Onedirve and share these documents no matter where i am.
  6. First of all, I have to admit that I am not an IT expert. I do have problems with IT things sometimes. But I still have created accounts on three cloud services: Amazon A3, SugarSync and Box.

    It drives me crazy to manage these accounts. And searching for a certain file among three clouds is really a nightmare. No more! After I found MultCloud! This magical app allows me to put all my cloud drives together in one single account of MultCloud.

    Now I can switch between different accounts seamlessly and locate the file in literally one second. I definitely think that a powerful app like MultCloud is a must-have choice for all cloud users especially those who have more than one cloud.

    In the end, I just want to thank you MultCloud! You guys are simply the best! I will recommend your app to my friends and family.
  7. You and I may have shared a same experience here: When we download pictures from the Internet, the filenames of them often come in random. And most of us tend to save these pictures on our cloud drives.

    Here comes a question: how can we possibly distinguish these different pictures by their random filenames? This makes me desperately in need of a cloud drive management app that has an online preview function.

    Then I found MultCloud. This app makes everything simple. After I adding my cloud drive accounts in MultCloud, the pictures on the cloud drives can be previewed directly online! Besides, MultCloud allows me to rename the files too. Now I have an organized gallery in MultCloud. It’s so cool! I can even check the edit Windows Office related files online in MultCloud too.

    Thanks to these two rare and amazing functions. MultCloud now has a loyal user Nick Kewell.
  8. As an administration staff, I need to manage many files during my daily work.

    It is a tedious job to modify and share them with my coworker. But MultCloud helps a lot.

    Multcloud is a useful tool for cloud drive users. It is totally free for us to manage all of our cloud drives. With the help of this tool, I can copy my files from one cloud drive (DropBox for example) to another one (Google Drive) easily. In other words, I do not need to download the file to local first and upload.

    I just need to log in MultCloud and then finish this operation. And it supports modify files online so it is convenient for me and my colleague to update the latest new files and share them via MultCloud.
  9. This is Phil from America. I’d like to share the experience that I had with MultCloud.

    I have two accounts on Google Drive and OneDrive. I was just sick of switching between those two every time when I needed to download different files. But I have to keep it that way because my son, who goes to Yale shares the same OneDrive account with me for communicating and exchanging photos.

    Thanks to MultCloud, the problem has been solved with ease. Now I can access all my files on Google Drive and OneDrive via creating one single account on MultCloud.

    It requires no logins and I can access into any accounts by just clicking on the service icons on the main page in MultCloud. I even created a new account on Dropbox and add it into my MultCloud too. MultCloud is definitely the best app to manage multiple clouds. And it’s very friendly to the light users with no in-deepth IT knowledge like me. I sincerely recommend this to everyone.
  10. I am a college student and our study group shares things on multiple cloud drives. Sometimes we need to move files from one cloud into another.

    Thus we need to download the files first then upload them to the destination cloud drive. So we all figured if there’s a way we can move files easily. Things have been changed entirely after we using MultCloud. Files in MultCloud can be moved between different cloud drives directly. Just like copy and paste files on a single computer.

    No more logins and download/upload things once you have MultCloud. And all the operations are so easy-to-use. This app is really helpful for group users to share stuff on multiple cloud services.