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AnswerediCloud Photos is Incompatible with OneDrive Backup

Is there a fix for the “iCloud Photos is incompatible with OneDrive Backup. Your iCloud Photos folder is now in your home directory.” error in Windows? I'm using the Windows Store Version of iCloud on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Windows 11 update (11/24/22). The issue persists, hindering file opening speed from the Windows desktop. No option to move the iCloud Photos folder seems available.

Best Answered by Judy September 21, 2023

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You may try the following steps to see if they can fix the “iCloud Photos is incompatible with OneDrive Backup” issue:

Step 1: Disable iCloud Photos Backup in iOS settings.

Step 2: Upload iCloud Photos to your computer as a backup.

Step 3: Install and sign in to the OneDrive app on your iOS device.

Step 4: Set up OneDrive to automatically back up photos and videos by enabling “Camera Upload” in OneDrive settings.

Step 5: Verify that photos and videos are successfully backed up to OneDrive.

However, there is a better way to sync iCloud Photos with OneDrive and that is using MultCloud. MultCloud Cloud Sync transfers photos from iCloud to OneDrive with an automatic process which don’t need you to manually download and upload the photos. Also, you can set a preferred sync frequency with the Cloud Sync task. You can choose to sync once a day/week/month.

Or, if you want to keep the sync process running continuously, you can use Real Time Sync. With it, every modified or new-added photo can be instantly updated to OneDrive. The sync task will never stop unless you manually stop it or there is nothing that changes for 7 days on your iCloud Photos.

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After signing up MultCloud, you can take the following steps:

Step 1: Connect iCloud Photos and OneDrive with MultCloud.

Step 2: Enter the “Cloud Sync” page and choose iCloud Photos and OneDrive in their corresponding boxes.

Step 3: Select “Real Time Sync” and start the sync process now.

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