Why We Use Multiple Dropbox Accounts

Dropbox is a leading role in cloud service field with its advanced file synchronization function. However, for the free users, each one can only get 500MB storage initially. Thus some of them use multiple Dropbox accounts at the same time to create larger storage. But using multiple Dropbox accounts causes trouble in locating certain files. Good news is that we can now merge multiple Dropbox accounts by creating one single account on some web-based applications. MultCloud is one of them.

Main Features of MultCloud

1. Merge Cloud Services
The users can merge Dropbox and Google Drive or other popular cloud services in MultCloud. Currently, MultCloud has got the authorizations from Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, OneDrive, Box and SugarSync. The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third party applications to build up a connection to HTTPS services without username and password required.

2. Quick Search
The quick search bar is the most useful feature in MultCloud. When entering the file name in the quick search bar, MultCloud will immediately filter the related files throughout all the cloud drives. In this way, all the different cloud drives can be seen as a whole one.

3. Copy and Move
In MultCloud, we can copy and move files from one cloud drive into another without login or sign out.

4. Upload and Download Files
Like in one single cloud drive account, we can upload and download files in MultCloud on any drive included. Besides, we can also upload files by directly dragging them into the window of MultCloud interface.

Multcloud Key Features

  • Cloud Transfer

    Transfer files in cloud drives, FTP and WebDav for easily file management and information delivery.

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Cloud Explorer

    Combine multiple cloud storages into one and manage them like in Windows explorer.