Any way to transfer Google Drive to hubiC?

“Is there any fast way to transfer Google Drive to hubiC?”, some users asked in the forum. This question might be difficult to solve years ago cause it seems that you could only download files from Google Drive first then upload to hubiC again at that time. While everyone must go crazy if you have to do transferring like this when there exist hundreds even thousands of documents. Fortunately, many third-party applications come to the market nowadays that can combine cloud storage into one so that we’re able to manage our clouds more handily. And MultCloud will be the one recommend here.

Brief MultCloud intro.

MultCloud is a web app that designed for the management of multiple cloud services, which means you can easily transfer files among Dropbox, Evernote, Flickr, Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3, WebDav, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, OneDrive, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, Hidrive, BaiDu, MediaFire, ownCloud, Alfresco, ADrive, hubiC, MySQL, MEGA and FTP/SFTP directly through the browser! So it’s just a piece of cake for MultCloud to transfer Google Drive to hubiC.

In addition, MultCloud allows you to connect several accounts of the same provider too. For example, let Box sync multiple accounts. View more main features please visit:

2 methods to transfer Google Drive to hubiC via MultCloud

There are only two to three steps in both two approaches. Whichever you choose, you’d better sign in MultCloud first.

The first method: After logging in, add your Google Drive and hubiC accounts one by one into MultCloud.

Then the hubiC integration with Google Drive is finished! You can copy/move files by dragging or using copy options from context menu and switch to Cloud Transfer interface.

Tips: If you right click a specific file, more options are available like “Share”, “Preview”, etc. MultCloud added Cloud Sync service since 4.0 version.

The second method: This is especially for Google Chrome browser users. You’re highly suggested to install the extension. Thus, transferring can be done at first hand on Google Drive’s site.

Click “TRANSFER TO CLOUD”. The page will automatically skip to MultCloud and there should be a pop-up window for selection.

Click “OK”. It turns to the Transfer Service tab. Google Drive has already been the source cloud. You just need to set hubiC as the destination. By the way, scheduled backup from Google Drive to hubiC is possible as well.

That’s it! Transferring Google Drive to hubiC is just such an easy operation in MultCloud. And users who installed this extension can also sync Google Docs or transfer Google Photos to Flickr, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc directly from Google Drive website in the future.

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