It’s Not a Rare Thing to Move Files from One Google Drive to Another

With the increasing amount of data, in order not to pay for more cloud storage space, a lot of users choose to create more than one Google accounts to satisfy their needs. However, advantages always accompanied by disadvantages. It is inconvenient to manage all those Google drives, especially when you want to migrate something from one Google to another.

How to Transfer Files between Google Drive Accounts?

Just as described above, it is difficult to take items to another Google Drive storage. Troublesome though, what’s the method(s)? And is there an easier way?

Solution 1. Download and upload

This is the most common way that most people will think about. To move files between cloud accounts, just download target ones from source cloud to local device and then upload them from local storage to destination cloud drive.

Seems not that complicated. Yet, it requires you to prepare enough local space to temporarily store the downloaded files, especially when the target files are of a large size. Also, it needs your manual operation.

Solution 2. Share your files to target account

There is another way to help you accomplish cloud to cloud file transfer. That is the “Share” feature you usually make use of. You can share the files one by one or put them into a folder and share them in one time to destination Google cloud.

This method seems better and no need for local storage space. Yet, though you can share target items in one time, but you have to make a copy of them one by one to save them in target cloud drive and permanently own them. In such way, even if you cancel share in source drive, you can still have the files in destination cloud. It is still troublesome.

Solution 3. Directly cloud to cloud transfer

To satisfy users, here will introduce a way to migrate files from one GDrive account to another directly without transit and troublesome manual operations. This method will rely on a third party professional online program called MultCloud, a multiple cloud accounts manager which contribute all its sources only on cloud drive management.

1. Create MultCloud account. Different from your Google Drive account, to use MultCloud, you should create an account of its service. Account creation is free.

2. Add clouds. Then, just add both related Google accounts to your MultCloud account (MultCloud platform). In the main interface of MultCloud, move to “Add Clouds” tab and select “Google Drive”. Then, just follow the steps to finish this task.

Add Google Drive

Note: MultCloud can only allow you add one cloud account in one time, to add extra accounts, just repeat the operations.

3. Cloud transfer. When you successfully add both GD accounts, go to “Cloud Transfer” tab and specify source and destination Google Drive. Finally, click “Transfer Now” to transfer files between Google Drive accounts.

Transfer Files between Google Drive Accounts

Advanced Settings for Cloud to Cloud Transfer

In above Google Drive to Google Drive transfer, there are more settings in the lower left of Cloud Transfer tab that you can make use of.


Cloud Transfer Options

In Options window, you can decide how to deal with conflicted files in destination; whether to delete source files after transferring; order email notification, filter certain files to be or not to be transferred, etc.


Cloud Transfer Schedule

You are able to set a schedule to automatically carry out this transfer task in certain frequency in the future, daily, weekly or monthly.


Rename this task for easy distinguishing in the future.

Tips: Using MultCloud, you can also manage all your cloud accounts easily.

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